Verifiable Boot question for Murena One

It has been suggested to make sure the device has verifiable boot,integrity of the device’s operating system (OS) and boot process. It is primarily aimed at preventing unauthorized modifications to the bootloader, kernel, and other critical system partitions.

But how does one check this meanwhile other os like GraphenOS are mentioned on

How can I know if my os /e 2.1-s-20240603406609 and my murena one have this feature?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/OS the deGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Bootloader relocking is not available for most devices supported by /e/ including the Murena One and Two according to /e/OS documentation

There are several ways to check if the bootloader is locked and Verfied Boot is taking place, for example with the fastboot commandos:

fastboot getvar locked (= counterpart to fastboot getvar unlocked)


fastboot oem device-info

The responses from the device to these requests are unambiguous.

GrapheneOS (GOS) only supports Google Pixel devices. With GOS, the bootloader of all these devices can be locked again, because on the one hand the device manufacturer Google supports (allows) this with its hardware and firmware and on the other hand GOS provides the necessary custom AVB key.

Who is privacyguides .org? They have an extensive range of websites, but no legal notice! In EU-Europe an imprint (legal notice) is a legal obligation. An imprint contains the legally required indication of the person responsible under press law for a text, word or image contribution published in one’s own name.

privacyguides .org favors GraphenOS and DivestOS, discredits CalyxOS and does not mention other reputable CostomROM forges such as crDroid, /e/OS, iodéOS, LineageOS-for-microG at all. Is that reputable? Not for me!


Thank you, agreed and yes you make a very good point EU actually hold up its claims based ethical and regulatory frameworks. I don’t think the who used to be were thinking outside the US bubble.

Privacy Guides was launched in September 2021 as a continuation of the defunct “PrivacyTools” I just found out they changed domain.

they sure don’t seem to like /e very much I never heard of GraphenOS

Thank you for your response.

(privacyguide is very opinionated, but is still good, informed advice. It wouldn’t be my personal position, but it’s a valid position to take)

I’d assumed most newer devices on the murena store get sold bootloader locked. What is your fastboot getvar output as described by @Xxpsilon ? Should be ok to plug the helpdesk/store to point out that info in the store pages.