Vero uses Facebook trackers?

I’m looking at alternatives to Facebook and have been recommended to Vero.

But the Droid appstore says Vero uses 2 Facebook trackers.

This seems very odd. Can anyone shed any light on this weirdness for me?

Also - any other suggestions for alternatives to Facebook?

Thanks in advance


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Exodus Privacy doesn’t seems to detect Facebook trackers in this app. However, others tracker are detected by Exodus privacy analysis.


Okuna, a European social network, has only one tracker, but that one seems to be a rather lesser known, and lesser used.
However, Okuna is in an invite-or-wait-only stage.
Exodus report here:

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That’s helpful. I will look at Okuna. Thanks.

Interesting. Thanks Ceddev

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So, how is okuna? Great?

It seemed OK but nobody I knew used it so I stepped back. Similar with Vero. I can’t persuade my friends away from Facebook / Messenger / WhatsApp. Sadly

A few of us use Telegram now but its static. Not growing. Sadly.