Version 1.0 release date?

Was just wanting to know when Version 1.0 of the OS will be released as well as the new name along with it?

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The initial plans were for spring 2020 now we are revising the dates.
The new dates will be announced on the forum.


Spring: yes, but 2021 :smile::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The release of the V1 doesn’t really matter. Yes it’s symbolic, but /e/ doesn’t need a V1 to evolve, have bug fixes etc and I have /e/ on my daily phone for 9 months.
Don’t expect new big features etc at the V1, only the name of the version will change :slight_smile:


This year has been anything but normal for all of us.
All the same we also achieved a lot. FP3 porting and partnership , Easy installer beta release were some notable achievements. Talks on some more partnerships are in progress. Modification of Q or LOS 17.1 is in progress .There is a plan for new devices to be added to the list and upgraded. v1 and the name change will be the icing on the cake I guess to round of the year.


/e/ is rolling…like Arch !!!


V1 will be android Q now?

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V1 is the version of /e/, not the version of Android. The V1 will be available for Oreo, Pie and Ten (since Nougat will be deprecated before).


and eleven. LOL :rofl: :joy:

Thanks for clearing that up!

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