Version 2.0 fails -> Switch from stable to dev/community version

Dear all,
As many OnePlus devices, also with my Oneplus8Pro the installation of version 2.0 fails, getting stuck in fastboot.

As I read now, that easyinstaller will be changed to the dev/community branch, I assume sooner or later the stable version will be discontinued.

This is why I would like to switch. But this comes with the question how to do that? Is there an option to keep my data? Or will I be forced to completely re-setup everything?

Best Leon

Method one, the correct way: Make backup, follow the install guide, restore backup.

other method, just sideload via adb when there is a newer version. As long as you are on the same Android version. Be aware this is not the recommended way and can have issues (I didn’t have any yet).

Thank you for your answer. Do you have recommendation for how to backup??

Does this mean that install as in the installation guide works without switching back to stock OS??

As mentioned by @Manoj apparently easy installer for instantnoodlep is switched to community version. Does this mean I could simply use easy installer? Anyone having experience with this switch here???

I ask as I almost bricked my instantnoodlep when installing in the first place.

Try simply from recovery, you should be forced to format/data

I personally have no Backup recommondation, I usually copied files to PC and installed all as new. Anyway be sure to backup somehow.

You could use easy installer but the device will be wiped

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When using easy installer does it just work even though I’m right now with the stable on R?

Here they say you need to install Stock-ROM oxygen OS before using easy installer OnePlus 7 pro problems with latest OS - #27 by aibd

@Leon before you decide what to do I suggest this. There is a third party app called Oxygen Updater. I used to think that it would not install on /e/OS but I think I remember someone reported it worked (I might be wrong!).

If the app will work for you it may be a an easy way for you to collect the Latest Manufacturer ROM.

My quote was from the command line instructions. But I would still want to use a latest Manufacturer Android 12 ROM if I were wanting to change from Andriod 11 (R) to 13(T) on your device.