Version for Samsung Galaxy S10E

Hi everyone,
I would like to install /e/ on a S10E but I saw that ony one precise model is supported : SM-G970F .Of course, the phone is not this model, it’s a G970 U1
I just wanted to check whether it’s sure that I can’ install it on this model.

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Hi @Xander welcome to the /e/ forum.

I have no good news. The U in your model number is for USA. There is an /e/OS ROM for, Galaxy S10e, SoC Samsung Exynos 9820.

We see at the foot of the page

Models Supported
Other models are not supported

The USA equivalent has a totally different Qualcomm processor and, sorry to say /e/ cannot be installed.

Some of the FAQs on Samsung + USA were covered in text and further links recently here: OEM unlock missing. Samsungs9+.

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Hi @aibd !
That’s too bad. Thanks for your quick answer.

hello there,
unfortunately I also got that U1 model with snapdragon. Could it brick the device if I just give it a try to install the latest eOS version? Alternatively I wondered if there is any other OS out there supporting the U1 model, do you know any?

I don’t think you are very likely to brick it – if the bootloader is locked, then you cannot even start to load any custom ROM nor boot into anything but the “sealed system”.

Thus no one before you will have been to make a build of a custom ROM for the device which is physically different to (Qualcomm) the SM-G970F.

(But never say never.)