Video fail to record, help? Murena US version

Recently purchased the new eSolutions (US version) Murena phone. It is a Terracube 2e running on android 11,
/e/OS 0.22-20220307169166.

Right from the first boot-up,
When I launch the camera app, and try to record video it says “unknown error, video halted”. I have tried to reset app data, restart phone, re-download Open Camera using the apk file and through app store, no luck. Can anyone help? It will also not record through any third party apps (social media etc).

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With device model and exact Android and /e/ version, you will increase chances to get an answer :wink:

Thanks, I edited to clarify!

Hello! I’m also a new owner of a Murena Teracube 2e in the U.S. — same /e/ version. I see the exact same error (Unknown error, video halted) when attempting to record a video. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I have the same problem. My understanding is it is a problem with all 2022 terracubes and that they have an urgent ticket open and working to get it resolved.

I updated to the latest /e/OS and can now record videos. Thank you!

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I had updated and can now play video, but still cannot record :frowning:

Update. Native camera app will not but if I install open camera, that does work.

Update 2. I cleared cache for the app and reset the settings and now the native camera works.

After clearing the cache the error message changed from “unknown error” to “failed to save”. Then resetting to factory settings allowed it to work.

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