Video stabilization - /e/ OS camera app on Fairphone 4

Is it possible to get image stabilization for video recording?

I’m using the default camera app on /e/ OS. In the app I took a video, toggled “Video settings…” :arrow_right: “Enable digital video stabilization”, then took another video. It didn’t appear to have any effect.

I’ve got a Murena Fairphone 4 running the latest stable /e/ OS (1.14 from Aug 16, 2023).

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In lieu of that, how about if we just wrote down limitations and alternatives to the default /e/ OS camera app (by device, ideally)? I’m happy to start writing this up if I can get a bit of help understanding the limitations (especially by device—I only have one). I’m sure I can find alternatives on my own.

So far I’ve found what I wrote about above, and also that slo-mo doesn’t work (or I can’t figure it out).

Maybe we could put this in a README in ? Oh, and we should include benefits as well, even the awesome and obvious ones (like how it is FOSS, privacy-friendly, etc).

I applied the 1.15 update and tried creating another video with the same app. Seems better to me. Yay!

I’m still interested in slo-mo and documenting limitations and alternatives. We can continue that discussion in another topic if that is preferred.

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