In this corona times I was wondering: Anyone using /e/ for videoconferencing? What do you use? What are your experiences?

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In the newer version of Nextcloud (which is included in /e/ accounts), there’s Nextcloud talk, which works well for a few users. Not sure if there’s an upgrade planned for /e/ accounts…

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I’ve tried aTalk and Signal Messenger from Apps. Both seem to do one-to-one video calls ok. Have not tried conferences.

aTalk (written by a Singapore engineer) works via XMPP, using a free server such as

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I have used to /e/ jisti instance for 2 meetings now. Both times worked very well.!

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Nextcloud Talk was my first choice but it only supports 4 users on video conferencing so I drop it and moved to Jitsi.

I’m trying to set my own Jitsi instance both at home and at the company I work for.

It’s a little bit complicated to set it up properly but I’m still on the first week of deploy. So far, using and no more than 10 users, it’s working fine but I’m using it under Matrix. The goal is to use it in stand alone mode.

I’ll let you know.


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