Videos hang 20secs before starting to play in different apps


since i’m using /e/OS my videos will start after 20 secs of “loading”, this is the case for almost every video in every app, like NewPipe, reddit, … and so on. after waiting like 20/30 seconds the video will start to play until the end, if not interrupted.

any suggestions how to fix this? :slight_smile:


What device and /e/ version?

I had a stall-then-fallback with audio once. The timeout when to fallback was predefined.

Device config advertised hardware offload support for decoding, but something was amiss (either device can’t do the codec in hw or the library that’s needed for the hw interface is missing). So it stalled maybe half a minute or less before falling back to decoding in software.

hi tcecyk,

sorry could’ve mentioned this directly: i’m on 1.9-s-20230312268558-dev-instantnoodlep


if you look at logcat while interacting and highlighting in search case-insensitive “offload” you might get something. LineageOS issue tracker didn’t have a hit for the instantnoodlep on this


sorry for the delay, had no time to fire up logcat the last days… there are a lot of messages, the most common one is

03-27 11:50:07.595 998 1575 E qdmetadata: paramType 32 not supported

all the time, with offload i’m not seeing any messages.

any suggestions which parts of the logcat might be interesting? due to location info and other sensible information i’m not comfortable posting a complete log on a random “pastebin” service :slight_smile:


if you filter for phone number, email address partial name and domain you should be safe. But generally posting the whole logcat is not necessary.

You should be able to confine the time frame captured by your own interaction to those 20-30 seconds the issue happens at.

I mark the line in the terminal buffer by double click left mouse before I interact to provoke the error, then click ctrl+shift+leftmouse at the last line after I think the error must’ve occurred → copy.

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