Videos recorded are black while playing in default gallery app

Hi all,

I have a problem with the default gallery app: all the video I record are black while playing in the gallery. I have the sound but no images. The same video sent to wife’s phone are playing normally with sound and images. For me it means the videos are recorded normally on my phone and the problem comes from the default gallery app.

Does anyone has the same issue ? Is it a known issue ? Any ideas if setting that might help viewing the videos normally ?

Thanks for your help !

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Hi all,

Does anybody experiecing the same ? Any clue of a setting that might affect the video reader from the default gallery app ?

I’m still having the problem and I have to say it is pretty anoying…

I cannot reproduce this in 1.12.3-q-20230620301517-dev-a3xelte.

When you open the “Video” section of Gallery do you see the previews in colour ?

Are the videos all from one camera ?

Can you import a video from another source, does it still not play ?

Have you tried a different Gallery, like Simple Gallery from App Lounge, made by simplemobiletools ?

It was reported on the forum that offer Simple Gallery Pro that is paid for for download, maybe on approval for a while, idk.

Maybe you already tested like this and are sure Gallery app is the culprit ?

Hi @aibd ,

Thanks for your quick answer ! I’ve tries something I should have started with and it works now : resetting all default camera parameters. I actually didn’t find why it didn’t work befire but at least it works now.

Sorry for the inconvenience made on the forum for something easily, finally, solved.

Thanks again !

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