View Cellular Settings Easily

There’s been a lot of discussion about cellular capabilities of devices, ROMs, and carriers. In particular, Voice over LTE (VoLTE).
Most folks know about the hidden settings that provide a wealth of information about a phone’s networking/cellular features and capabilities. Thing is, one needs to remember the dialing codes to get there. Also via some activity launcher or shortcut maker.

Recently on F-Droid an app called Network showed up (it really needs a better name IMO). A fork of an older app with same name but supporting Android 11.

Network (Shortcut to network info and settings)

It provides quick access to those hidden settings. One can see at a glance if they are provisioned for various features but more importantly, whether certain features like VoLTE are enabled/available.
Tap on the three-dot menu and select ‘IMS Service Status’. There you will see if IMS (IP Multimedia System) is registered and if so, what features are available.

I honestly haven’t seen/used the hidden settings in years so I never paid attention to what’s what. Now I’m curious.
Here’s a few screenshots from a couple/few phones that still have SIMs/service.

OnePlus 8T+5G KB2007 kona, CarbonROM, Android 11, T-Mobile

Essential PH-1 mata, /e/OS 0.11 Pie, Mint Mobile.

Those two are good.
Two other devices (*) running Nougat ROMs with T-Mobile have unregistered IMS, thus no features. Provisioned, yes. Available, no. Sadly, no SIM in Moto G5s Plus sanders. I do remember a number of ROMs (Oreo) showing VoLTE in the past.

Moto G5 Plus potter, CarbonROM.
ZTE Axon 7, Candy7.

Admittedly, they also have old SIMs/numbers. The one in the Moto goes back to 2013/14. First used in a Samsung Galaxy Light running JellyBean. Several LG G3’s after that. The one in the Axon is from the Marshmallow days.
Those devices are also multibooters. On the Axon I booted into /e/OS 0.19-n and took a look. IMS unregistered. No VoLTE.

Anyway, I think the Network app is a nice little item to have on hand. Either for viewing or making changes if one knows what they’re doing.
Also, admittedly, I don’t know how things work. Paying more attention on Candy7 Nougat, I see UT Interface is available. Plus I can use WiFi Calling. On Carbon Nougat also.
Color me ignorant in these matters. :no_mouth:


Been using it for years! :+1:

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Is it not the same as dialing *#*#4636#*#* (INFO) ?

Yes it is. It’s a simple short cut to the phone info, as described in the link above.

Saves a lot of tedious dialling if you’re trying to sort network problems! Great little app.

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Dialing *#*#INFO#*#* (4636) gets you two other categories of info besides Phone Information: Usage Statistics, and Wi-Fi Information.

However, Phone Information is what people likely need to check most often. The app lets you see it super quickly.

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Ah, there is an ancient shortcut app for that, too. Way back from 2015.

Service Menu (Start hidden service menu)

Just for fun I tried it on Nougat, Oreo, Pie, and A11. Only worked on Nougat. :upside_down_face:

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Hi @marcdw,

do you know if it’s normal for an ungoogled OS to ping google server ( when you use

ungoogling/degoogle I understand in spirit to mean to stop involuntary network connections that are impossible or hard to opt-out of in stockrom and giving agency to the user. You have 100% agency in clicking that ping test button or use alternative means to do a ping

Yes, agreed. It’s just what’s used and I believe is outside the whole “I don’t want to see the word google anywhere” thing. No information is being passed.

Even when I have connection issues on a computer I’ll use that Google address when doing a ping. Easy to remember and you know it’s always available.

@tcecyk, @marcdw,

I understand but it’s true that if we want to be in an ungoogled environment, I guess that we could provide other ways to do these kind of tests. Otherwise, Google service will always be the reference for everybody…

whatever my view - it’d be an easy patch - code is here + lots of translatable xml strings.

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If one wanted to ping a different site, could the terminal emulator be used instead?

Yes. The terminal is where I do ping tests from. Never actually used Phone Info for that.

Side note: Termux is always installed as a core/fave app which is why I did not notice until just now that there is no “Local terminal” developer option on my T2e.

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Thanks @tcecyk for the information and the link.
FYI, I posted this idea for improvement : [FEATURE PROPOSAL] Remove ping to Google server

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