Virus in my cloud?

Hello Everybody,

i think a virus is in my cloud. How could that happend and do you have an idea what i can do?

Maybe i am just paranoid :upside_down_face:

Kind Regards Julius

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Is there a possibility to reset my whole e cloud?


Please describe:

Time ago somebody has hacked my wlan at home, and in not sure he maybe gained access to my e cloud.

Remote controlled my windows notebook etc. I think it was one of my neighbours, he has expertise with IT security. I was not good with this guy, we allways had problems.

So, thats why i think he maybe placed something in my cloud, can i reset the whole cloud?

Thanks Julius

First, no program can be active in the /e/ cloud, it’s just pure storage.

So, I think that a password change should be a good start :
This will change your password for file storage, calendars, email, etc.

While on this page, check for suspicious activity in “Devices & sessions”, also remove any suspicious “Passwordless Authentication” (you may have to allow access again from some apps on your phone).

Next, check for any suspicious share in

You may also want to keep track of what’s happening, checking all in (please record current checked items, to restore the initial state at a later time).

If it’s not enough for you peace of mind, you always can delete your account ( and create a new one (Create a free /e/ account).
Please be aware that you’ll have to use another invitation email address.


I forgot something important : don’t do this from the compromised notebook !
Here you can have some spying program active, so the password change could be know from your neighbor.

Of course, changing the WLAN authentication and having your computer deeply examined is recommended.