Visual indicator for spoofed location using Advanced Privacy?

My use case for Location Spoofing in Advanced Privacy is to normally leave it on a faked location and only allow my real location when using a mapping app that requires the “real thing.” For the record, the ideal use case would be for the user to be able to assign real location ability to specific apps a case-by-case basis (only on when the app is in use), rather than turn it on for everything and then turn it off when finished. But I understand that this capability is technically problematic.

So until we get a more elegant way to assign location permissions to specific apps, what would be really helpful is some sort of prominent visual indicator to remind me that my real address is exposed. I’ve kludged something together using an application called “PhoneProfilesPlus” which is a Tasker Lite program that responds programatically to changes in specific sensors, one of which is location. When real location is selected in Advanced Privacy, PhoneProfilesPlus changes the wallpaper on my phone to an image of a compass. When my location spoofing on in Advanced Privacy, the wallpaper is changed back to my normal wallpaper. This visual reminder thus prominently reminds me that my actual location is exposed and to prods me to restore location spoofing as quickly as possible.

I’d love it if I didn’t have to kludge this solution. It’s sorta klunky and because of battery considerations it can be slow, since a low sample rate tends to chew up battery life.



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your current workaround is impressive.

not user-specified exemption by fake-location, but for the maps app is tracked at

so it’s acknowledged and I think just matter of time for this to come around

Thanks so much for the heads up. I’ll go over and follow.