Voice of Maps - french translation issue


At the last instruction from Maps, it says “alors, vous êtes arrivés”; the user expects “puis, vous êtes arrivés”. Puis and alors are two translations of “then”.

Thanks… will pass on to the translation team to look into.

The Magic Earth app isn’t modified in /e/ so it can’t be solved on our side.

Anyway, I don’t think it needs to be modified. “Alors” also means “À ce moment-là”.

This seems not natural. Navigation systems use “puis”. Maybe because the idea is “do this, and just after that…” and not “do this, and at this moment”.

(Do not park in intersections :wink:)

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All right you got it :wink:

:thinking: no then translation are required
when i arrive i just want to know that i arrived. no whats append before or the consequences of the trip.
“vous êtes arrivés” is just fine :stuck_out_tongue: