VoIP phone / SIP client

Our company uses the Kerio Operator IP PBX (based on Asterisk, packaged with support)

They have a Kerio Operator SIP client for Android, but it’s not available in the /e/ app store.

I have once before used a generic SIP client with it on desktop and it worked fine.

Is there a SIP client available in the /e/ app store? I couldn’t find one. Any suggestions/recommendations?

Thanks in advance.


There are several available in F-Droid. I think the Linphone client is the nicest looking but I’ve found Sipdroid to be the most reliable.

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Thanks. Not sure why Sipdroid did not come up when I searched earlier. Installed it now, will see if I can get it to connect to our Kerio Operator PBX.

BTW, Sipdroid doesn’t support SIP instant messaging so if this is an issue you’ll need to try something else.

FWIW, Sipdroid would not register with our Kerio Operator PBX. I didn’t spend more than 5 minutes on it, because I tried Linphone and it connected no problem, only thing I had to change was supported codecs so they matched the Operator server. Thanks to @Vaughan for the suggestions!

I found Linphone tends to go to sleep and miss incoming calls. I hope you have better luck with it.

Hi Vaughan

I got incoming calls working by going to Settings -> Battery Optimisation -> All apps -> Linphone and changing it to “Don’t Optimise”

I’ve been through that and everything else with no luck. It will receive calls for a while after the screen goes blank but within an hour you can bet it won’t wake up when an incoming call arrives. I might look again at Linphone and others if there’s ever a problem with SipDroid, but for now it’s reliable enough to stick with it.

Are there any other good services to use with a sip client?

F-Droid Linphone, opensource client.

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