VoLTE no longer working AND invisible on moto g7 power

For whatever reason i cam SEE VoLTE in my settings until i click on it, then it’s nowhere to be found.

Then clicking on setting gives me


This became an issue when my red pocket sim stopped working for calls, although it still works for data and mms… (Data is low at the moment, but even so i used to be able to make calls just fine; now they end immediately upon clicking the outgoing call button, and no one can call me without it going to vmail immediately.

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@manoj, not sure if this is the best place for for this request…feel free to reposition elsewhere

Thanks for any input!


This is still very confusing AND causing me to be unable to make or receive any calls whatsoever, even to support.

@manoj do you know if this issue is marked to be fixed in the next update?

There are multiple issues reg voLTE still open which the team needs to work on to resolve.

Awesome, thanks for feedback!