VoLTE on Fairphone 4 with /e/ with Vodafone germany

Hello /e/ users!
I’m a happy /e/ user but cannot use the internet (on 4g/5g) while making phonecalls. Vodafone germany sells FP4s, so the device should be supporting VoLTE. The customersupport says, it’s enabled. # #4636 ## says it’s activated.
Do you have any Idea how to make it work?

Thank you

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as nobody is taking care i tried it here: VoLTE on Fairphone 4 with /e/ with Vodafone germany - #32 by Ray-Ven - Fairphone 4 - Fairphone Community Forum

Do you know if it is working with the original OS?

thank you for your reply. Unfortunately not - I cannot revert to original OS and don’t have a second fp4 to try :frowning:

btw i’ve filed a bugreport and someone else can confirm it’s a bug VoWiFi/VoLTE not working on Fairphone 4 with /e/ (on Vodafone Germany and other networks) (#5452) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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Help is needed from people who have stock os on their FP4! We need an ADB log to fix the issue. Can someone provide one?
Look here for information about it.
Would be very kind!

I have access to a Fairphone 4 with original Fairphone software, but maybe customization for my provider. VoLTE is working.

I’m able to provide ADB logs, if you tell me what scenario you need. Let me know.


Hey Sebastian,
thank you for your reply. The e developers say it’s on the way for /e/ 1.1. I’ve tested the nightly build from 1 week ago which was 1.1 beta, but it didn’t work. I’ll ask them if they need help from someone with the original FP Firmware.
Please hang on,

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Yeah I found the gitlab issue in the meanwhile and that it is milestoned for next weeks release. As it is not marked fixed though, I am not quite optimistic just yet.

At least it has an issue and someone is working on it. :grinning:

Same here.
I’ve got various test builds but up to now there seems to be no success. The latest one at least shows sometimes successful IMS registration and VoWIFI enabled, but calls over wifi have not worked yet and the registration just shows in rare and non reproducible moments.

Good news, with test build 1.1-r-20220707201811-stable-FP4 VoWiFi is working for me! :slight_smile: :+1:
So I’m quite optimistic that this fix will make it for the next release.

Can’t say anything regarding VoLTE as it seems neither be working for me in stock OS.

EDIT: VoLTE is now working well for me, too! :sun_with_face:
Maybe @Ray-Ven you can also try it out. Details can be found in the gitlab issue.

Hey ff2u, I did and was in contact with support/devels quite some time!
It works since 1.1-r-20220707201811-stable-FP4. There’s just no indicator for VoLTE or VoWifi, but I’d call this a feature - not a bug!
I’m glad the /e/ devels responded so fast as it took a few builds and logs to figure it out!
I’m sure they’ll roll it out until next month!