VoLTE on Fairphone 4 with /e/ with Vodafone germany

Hello /e/ users!
I’m a happy /e/ user but cannot use the internet (on 4g/5g) while making phonecalls. Vodafone germany sells FP4s, so the device should be supporting VoLTE. The customersupport says, it’s enabled. # #4636 ## says it’s activated.
Do you have any Idea how to make it work?

Thank you

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as nobody is taking care i tried it here: VoLTE on Fairphone 4 with /e/ with Vodafone germany - #32 by Ray-Ven - Fairphone 4 - Fairphone Community Forum

Do you know if it is working with the original OS?

thank you for your reply. Unfortunately not - I cannot revert to original OS and don’t have a second fp4 to try :frowning:

btw i’ve filed a bugreport and someone else can confirm it’s a bug VoWiFi/VoLTE not working on Fairphone 4 with /e/ (on Vodafone Germany and other networks) (#5452) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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