VoLTE OnePlus Nord

OK so I did a bit of reading before this post. My OnePlus Nord will not make VoLTE calls. When I place a call the mode drops from either 4G or 4G+ down to 3G, I am in Canada on the Bell network.

I did the test * # * # 4 6 3 6 # * # and it does show that I am provisioned VoLTE as well as Wi-Fi calling, Video Calling, Enable DSDS is also on, EAB/Presence is grayed out.

I have called my provider and they did some test but it did not resolve the issue. The providers website seem to indicate they support VoLTE.

Tomorrow I will test right beside a tower near my work to see if it changes with good signal. The next test will to borrow a SIM on same provider to see if it’s a setting in my account. I think it possible the provider is misrepresenting their calling capabilities.

Also I am in area that the provider claims is 5G yet I never see 5G available on the phone. Does anyone have a Nord that does display 5G or is it just 4G+? I know in Canada we are using some odd 5G bands and it’s possible that the bands in the phone are wrong the model is AC2001.

I look forward to some feedback. TIA

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So a bit more on this post. I have been working with Bell on resolving this issue, seems on their end.

I need some information from Oneplus Nord user:

When in good coverage area do you see a 5G icon or just LTE or LTE+ as service. Does the Oneplus Nord have a 5G icon?

I need some help from some other OnePlus Nord users.

I have found that when making calls I only get 3G calling, 5G is not working and I never see the LTE indicator. I thought it was my provider but I removed the sim and placed it in a stock Google Pixel 4a 5G and I get 5G service and calling. So not the provider.

I am running e23. Can anyone confirm they Get LTE and 5G both calling and data?

I would like to find they problem and correct it if possible.

I too noticed LTE displaying in my status bar but I am able to make VoLTE calls so I guess its just a display issue not technical one.
VoLTE working in my nord running on /e/

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No there is a problem with many e phones not having LTE calling or voice over LTE, it was part of the 2021 goals.

I am not sure the issue but I think it must be tied to google services or I think it would have been overcome by now, but am not truly sure.

I also notice I get no 5G also. I have a a google pixel 4a 5G and when I plug my local SIM in it works on both 5G and VoLTE work, when running stock ROM, have not tried e yet.

I have read claims to have VoLTE and 5G working on some lineage devices but are not sure if it’s true.

Would be nice to get an update on this issue from the DEVs.

BTW I am willing to do some testing on my Nord, my Google Pixel 4a 5G and I have a Moto X play also.
Can test in Canada.

Thanks for your reply sid96 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info @Jets .
I guess I’m lucky to start /e/ now rather than last year cause my local sim works on VoLTE only.
5G is not rolled out here so I dont know about it.

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I re-read your original reply to me and now this message. You are saying you can make calls and your phone does not degrade to 3G while making a voice call it stays at LTE? If so this is good.

I am fairly sure I downgraded to Oxygen OS 11 before I started or the phone was at 11 when I got it. So I’m not sure why I see different results.

When I place my SIM in a stock Google Pixel 4a 5G both LTE and 5G work, calling and messaging.

I am going to call back my provider one more time to make sure the Nord is provisioned correct. I will then try to roll phone back to stock then start again.