Volume down button on the phone doesn't work after installing e/OS 1.0 (FP4)


I installed e/OS 1.0 stable version to replace the default Fairphone OS on my FP4. I didn’t encounter problem to unlock the bootloader before the installation and to lock again the bootloader after the installation. e/OS 1.0 stable works without problem. But the only issue I encounter now is that I can’t go to the bootloader screen when I use the volume down button on the phone. I push the button a long time but nothing happens , I’ve got a black screen. I use the power button to start my phone. The OEM unlock option is still enabled. So, what happens ? What’s wrong ?

Thanks for your help.

Note: I think there is a bug. I tried volume down button + power button and then volume up button + power button during a long time and the fairphone logo remains (no fastboot and no recovery mode). I released these buttons and the e logo appears.

Please can you clarify; does the volume down fail under all conditions for instance turning the volume down on all applications or a few?


I don’t test volume buttons for sound but it doesn’t work to access to fastboot and recovery mode (boot loader screen). When the Fairphone 4 is power off and I push the volume down button a long time, nothing happens. Same thing with volume down button + power and volume up button + power (stay to Fairphone logo). With the default Fairphone OS, I didn’t have that kind of problem.

I feel we just need to tie down whether Volume buttons are working correctly in all other conditions.

Ok. I will tell you if it works in other conditions (example: sound) tomorrow because I must leaving now.

The solution was given to me on the Fairphone forum. I had to plug in the usb-c cable to the device (power outlet or on the PC) and then press the volume down button. So the bootloader screen appears, and I was able to verify that the bootloader status is set to ‘locked’.

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