Volume levels low

Hi all

I have been using my Apple Airpods Pro (bluetooth) for the past few weeks without issue but recently I’ve noticed that even at max volume, the max volume is quite poor (low).

Is there some setting that is limiting max volume to protect my ears or something - I can’t find anything in settings.

If not, how could I troubleshoot this further?

Thanks in advance

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Can you try them on another phone ?


In the Developer options there is a “Disable absolute volume” setting related to Bluetooth but I don’t know if it can solve your issue.

Yes they work at full volume on other devices. Also it’s a recent change I feel.

I have tried Disable absolute volume but no change.

I have updated the eOS & no change either. Any other ideas on how to troubleshoot?

As a followup on this:

I got some new Jabra elite active 75t bluetooth earbuds.

Connected normally and the sound seemed to be normal (although not as loud as if I connect to another device). Then after a few times of connecting and disconnecting (4 or 5) I get the low volume problem again.

Please, this issue makes the phone essentially unusable for me - how can I troubleshoot?

Wanting to bump this - @Manoj any ideas on what next ?

I’ll be looking to return my phone, which is otherwise perfect, if I cannot get some attempted assistance on this @Manoj

Hi @Aloha109 Is this a phone you purchased from the /e/ store . If yes you should send a mail to support@e.email
Also Pl can you share what is the device model and /e/ build on the device which can get some other users with similar device to comment.

Thanks @Manoj

Yes it is from the e/store. I will email support.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • 0.11-o-2020083170820-stable-starlte
  • Model SM-G960F
  • Android version 8.1.0

Anything else needed?

Hello there,

Could you try the following solution ?

You might have to restart your phone after you have made the change, plus you migth want to disbale developer’s options once the setting has changed.



Hi @alexis, yes I tried this as one of the earliest possible fixes, but no change sadly.

The issue also persists with a new set of bluetooth earbuds - jabra elite active 75ts. Interestingly the first pairing of the earbuds worked okay, but then after a few pairings the volume seemed to decrease to low levels again.

Hello there,
have you tried resetting your BT settings or factory reset the phone to see if it would revert to a normal state?


Hi @alexis,

  • how would I reset just the bluetooth settings? I can’t see an option for that?
  • I could perform a factory reset but it would be frustrating to lose my entire phone setup.


Oreo : Settings > System > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth > RESET SETTINGS.


Thanks I tried this but for the two sets of bluetooth earphones I tried previously (apple airpods pro & jabra elite actve 75t) volume levels are still low.

I tried with Jabra evolve 75 headset & volume was normal / louder as expected. So it seems to be an issue with some headsets and not others. Any other ideas?