Volume Step (gradation)

How to change volume pitch (gradation) (default 15) to
another. To when watching movies, TV shows adjusting the volume did not work
that on 6 quietly, and 13 already loudly. Xposed and Volume Step module do not
Step change the volume of your ROM and Havok oreo Pie and Syberia ROM
Pie. Can developers /e / add such a feature to their ROM settings. My
phone Xiaomi Red Note 5 pro (whyred).

@Amber which build of the /e/ ROM are you using? Also just to clarify are you asking how the volume can be changed. You mention Havok, Pie and Syberia ROM so not sure if you are suggesting if this feature works in these ROM’s and not on /e/. Have you tried to do this on the LineageOS4MicroG ROM for your device?

В ROM Havoc and Syberia and Resurrection Remix эта функция встроена сразу в
дополнительных настройках от этих создателей прошивок. В /e/ и lineageos этого
нет. Я поискал в интернете (как изменить шаг громкости в Android) но всё что я
нашёл это Xposed + module volume step, но это не помогло.
Недавно пробовал Локализованную ROM MIUI Masik. В ней громкость прибавляется и
убавляется по немногу, сразу, без отдельной вкладки с настройками.
Так, вообщем, ситуация такая: свой телефон кладу на стул рядом с кроватью и
запускаю фильм или сериал, добавляю звук при просмотре (по умолчанию
добавляется 6-13-20-26 и далее). 13 уже громко, 6 тихо. Нужно 8 или около того.
ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, могут ли разработчики /e/ ROM изменить обычный (по умолчанию)
принятый в Android регулятор громкости на более плавный. чтобы одно нажатие
добавля и убавля звук на 3.

In ROM Havoc and Syberia and Resurrection Remix, this feature is built right
advanced settings from the creators of the firmware. In /e / and lineageos of
No. I searched the Internet (how to change the volume pitch in Android) but all
found this Xposed + module volume step, but it didn’t help.
Recently tried Localized ROM MIUI Masik. It adds volume and
decreases gradually, immediately, without a separate tab with the settings.
So, in General, the situation is this: put your phone on the chair next to the
bed and
start a movie or show, add sound when viewing (default
added 6-13-20-26 and on). 13 already loud, 6 silent. You need 8 or so.
PLEASE can developers/ e / ROM change the normal (default)
adopted Android volume control on smoother. to single press
adding and subtracting sound by 3.

Hi @Amber please can you raise this as an issue on Gitlab https://gitlab.e.foundation/groups/e/-/issues with the details. The development team can take it as an enhancement request and work on it.

Thanks for the link.
By the way, I previously asked if developers can /e / add a feature
auto block phone numbers which are not in my contacts list.
It turned out this feature appeared in Android 9 (default).


/e/ ROM does allow you to block calls Phone Dialer App >> three dot menu on top right >>Settings >>Call Blocking Add a number. I checked this on a oreo rom for /e/ should be there on nougat ROM’s as well.

Yes there is, but I’m not on it. I mean, I don’t have to add anyone.
In Android 9 at the same three points in the blocking is offered automatically
block unknown (undetectable), toll, pay phones, and those
who just isn’t saved in my contact list. Very convenient. Especially in the morning
output =) and from advertisers.

I also used this lock in ROM Lineages 15.1 Extended by
Alexey711 on 4pda for Xiaomi Red menace 4x Snapdragon and Havoc OS OFFICIAL on
the basis of Lineage. But in Havoc was painted when activated, and in LineageOS 15.1 Extended
Alexey711 everything worked fine. So, I was wondering if they have
LineageOS 15.1 this added, can and in /e/ will add. The function is very true

And Yes here is how additional sound settings look like

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