Vote for /e/ as an alternative to Google Android

Hey guys, I found this needs maybe some help to push /e/ to the top alternative :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:


Good idea! Seems we just need another 161 Likes to be Android’s top alternative.

@Julien, I don’t know you write the little intro on /e/ on the website. For now, I have seen that /e/ is proposed as alternative to LineageOS but not as alternative to Android. Any chance to tweak that?
Another observation: I believe it would be better if you could change the headline to “Android fork” instead of “Lineage fork”. There a probably more users who know Android than Lineage. And: We should rather be interested in convincing “standard” Android users to move to /e/ than Lineage users. Right?

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C’est fait en français

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