Vpan and advance privacy

I don’t why, but advance privacy always put on a VPN for ma “work” profile (I use shelter), and with the vpn on I just can’t acces/use my applications, so I’ve to disable the vpn and delete it. And that every time, even on the same day, I have to disable and delete the vpn many times a day ! I just can’t find why it’s put back on without asking and where to configure it, I just can disable and delete…
Could you help ?
I’m on fairphone 3.

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just for context, do you try both when disabling/deleting the hide-my-ip feature: through Advanced Privacy slider itself, and/or through the nativ Android Vpn Settings?

I speculate there can be inheritance from the main profile - do you have the feature enabled in the main profile?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re talking about.

Advance privacy can be enable or disable, it doesn’t change a thing.
And I can’t acces VPN settings anywhere save if I clic on the key logo when it’s enable then choose " open VPN parameters" and there I just can disconnect the vpn or delete it, I can"t configure anything.

Not sure … maybe there’s a misunderstanding? (or maybe I miss the point)
/e/ does not include any “real vpn service”.
The key symbol only indicates that the vpn interface of android is being used.
Advanced Privacy uses this interface - depending on which components of AP are activated.

If you want to use a vpn service instead you need an extra app for that (can’t say which one, depends on the service I guess)

This app will then utilize the above mentioned vpn interface of the system and in that app you should be able to configure the vpn service settings.

On the system side with regards to that vpn interface the settings are only the following:

  • app that uses vpn interface (or would use if activated … and behind the gearwheel symbol:)
    • Always on (or not)
    • Block connections that do not use vpn (…of specific app) (or allow)
    • delete vpn (which in essence simply denies acces to this interface for the specific app, therefore if deleted: the app will then ask for permission again next time …)