VPN to Fritzbox with stock application via WiFi

Hi there,

I have a FP4 and I am trying to connect to a fritzbox VPN with the build in VPN tools. When I am using a WiFi with the phone, I can not connect to the VPN. If I am using the mobile data connection it is working.
It is a standard fritz-vpn set up for android based on the fritz manual (German)

I also have a FP3 with /e/. For this I have no issues using the WiFi to connect to the VPN. Any ideas or suggestions?

I’m by no means an expert with regards to VPNs and this is a total shot in the dark, but one potential reason for the difference could be that one device is using IPv4 and the other IPv6.

Did you test with the wifi of the fritzbox you try to vpn into? Because, this could be not possible. I remember something like that happen to me a long time ago. But I may be wrong.

Edit: Just tested it with my fritzbox 7530. Works even in the wifi from the fritzbox.
It must be something else. I used an Fairphone 2 with /e/ R.

How can I check this?

I don’t have an Android device around right now, but you should be able to see its network addresses in the network settings on your device. Alternatively, the admin interface of your router usually has a list with all the devices on your network.

Oh, and in the unlikely case that you didn’t check with both phones on the same network: It can be a problem if the network you are trying to log in from has the same IP range as the one you are logging into. So if both your home network and a public WiFi you are trying to connect from use, say, 192.168.0.X for their IP addresses, this can cause issues.

Both phones were in the same network and I actually tried from various networks. To clearly state it again. The only difference is FP3 vs FP4 (and the /e/ specific version differences) and that the FP4 also has a sim card in usage. And that it is working over the mobile network for the FP4, too.

I tried to take a look at the IP settings but could not find anything useful.

If available in WiFi advanced network settings, try to disable IPv6 and MAC address randomization.

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