Wallpaper positioning not working correctly

Hi, I use a custom photo for wallpaper, chosen from the gallery. When I select the image and scale/position it as it should appear on the phone, the actual position doesn’t match at all. As a result the process of setting up a wallpaper image becomes a hit or miss process of going into settings, re-electing the photo, and trying to guess where it will end up.

My phone: S9 running 0.14-o-2021012798648-dev-starlte Android 8.1.0.

EDIT: I also noticed when I set the wallpaper it not longer asks whether I want to set home screen, lock screen, or both. How can I enable this?

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No interest in discussing this? Am I the only one seeing this problem?

That could be the reason for the silence in this thread :wink:.

I’m sorry I can’t contribute anything helpful, but for me it works fine. I’m on 0.14-q thoug, two Android versions newer, so this really doesn’t help you at all.

Hi @Russ

I have NOT seen this, but am on a similar phone, the S9+. I also manually flashed to go from A8.1 --> A10, and then flashed to eOS 10 (Q). Basically everything works correctly… I am LOVING eOS / S9+.

I have the exact same Problem, the positioning is also off.

Its not that important for me, just wanted to say you are not alone.

GigasetGS290 / e_GS290-userdebug 10 QQ3A.200805.001 eng.root.20201215.160129 dev-keys,dev-release

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I wonder if the problem occurs only with certain photo formats. In my case it is a 3264x2448, landscape jpg taken on an iPhone 4S.

I’m having the same problem, with Fairphone 4 and /e/OS 0.23. I also cannot seem to find where to change the wallpaper in settings, only through the Gallery app.

Altough the post is kinda old I’m experiencing the same issue when using Bliss Launcher on exactly the same model and /e/OS version.

Using another Launcher (Niagara) and enabling the wallpaper shift (on Niagara, it’s not a stock option) seems to center the picture correctly. But no luck with Bliss.

Also both launcher also seems to crop the top and bottom of the picture (the borders of the wallpaper does not seems to be aligned on the top and bottom of the screen).