Want better mobile security or privacy? Try these Android and iOS alternatives


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Started off interesting until I hit the need-to-register-to-read-whole-article thing. Nah. Nope. Sad.


I tried to register but it asks for so much data, I gave up.

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I stopped at the second sentence : " The main trade-off for both is fewer apps. "

Which seems at the same time so obvious and a weird statement to make, as these two OS are not limited regarding apps and even using a simple lineage without gapps requires to be very picky about the apps we’d use…

So… really whats so good about graphene OS? ok so they say it is built from scratch big deal!,
They say it got security hardening what does that mean really? Are they not just basing it google pixel 3`s Pie features, of which /e/ pie users benefit from anyways (perhaps) All i can see is they copied /e/ and removed the google proprietary software.

@freedapeoples. Graphene OS is security focussed, They improve hardening, sandboxing etc. so that hackers will find it harder to get into your phone and harder to get any useful information if they do get in. It all depends what you are aiming for; /e/ to prevent data mining or Graphene to preventing hackers getting in.

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They could hardly copy e, because GrapheneOS started back in 2014 as CopperheadOS. e started around 2-3 years ago. After some disputes the developer moved from Copperhead and started GrapheneOS. It has different goals too like adopting virtualization-based isolation. They have security focus and a few devices to support. You can read what things like hardened kernel, hardened_malloc, sandboxing, etc. mean.

Saw an apt meme regarding this behavior.

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Cool that /e/ is mentioned! I don’t really agree with their trade off, besides banking apps, almost all apps work

Both my banking apps work without issue on my phone with /e/…

Oh, thank you. Helpful!

Please do not copy paste entire articles . This violates copyright rules. Instead you can put a summary and a link to the original article.

The only app in /e/ that does not work for me is “eBay”. My banking apps work - but I have to go to Aurora Store to find them.

I think one of the reasons Linux is not working for a lot of people is all these distributions to choose from. People are getting confused. All these techfreeks are making there own distribution and want to play and tweak around.

If we had one good distribution where everybody puts it’s energie in to we may have an alternative against the big tech-companies.

The same with Android. I hope they will team-up and make one OS great. An European smartphone would be great with a lot of privacy and security.
My hopes are now on the Fairphone 3 with /e/ os. (Amsterdam/France)


Volla Phone from Germany seems also a good project. Assembled in Northrhine Westphalia and with 3 different OS -. Volla OS, Sailfish OS and Ubuntu Touch!
How about this?

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Ha, nice but why all this different operating systems? And I miss this:

A fairer future

It’s no secret: we’re out to change the world. Fairphone puts people and the planet first.
We care about human rights and worker well-being.
We care about the climate and our planet’s delicate ecosystem.
We care about designing longer-lasting products that are easier to repair.
We care about reducing waste and making the most of what we already have.

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If I could have chosen, I certainly wouldn’t have chosen android because I don’t like it and I don’t trust google!

So if I’m using it now, it’s only because I trust /e/ that it does everything it can to surgically remove any damn google legacy in the operating system.

I wouldn’t trust an android derivative of which I’m not sure it’s google-free at all!


You can choose between these three systems.
In Germany we have also SHIFT PHONE…is little similar to Fairphone.

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