Want do see installed apps in "Apps"

In the “Apps” app should be an area, where all installed apps are listed.

(similar to Fdroid where it can be shown via “settings”/“manage installed apps”)

kr :slight_smile:

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Good suggestion. Pl raise it on gitlab . We can have it added to one of future development plans


tried to do so, but gitlab needs an own registration :frowning: (the forums
registration is not enough???)
ok - tried to register on gitlab - which did not accept my usual
emailadress: domain not accepted :-(.

question to you: Is there an …@e.email needed?

Tried to create an …@e.email for me, which did not work (“Beim Anlegen
Ihres Kontos ist ein Fehler aufgetreten!” … writing that to the


wrote my previous answer email to you too early.
Now i did it.
If you are a complete newcomer in the e area like me, the process, where
having to use which email adress, username, which password,… is really
confusing. Writing cryptical errormessages on the web at registration
and login processes is necessary an very good practice, but a little
more instructional infos on the web pages itself would help…