Warning: Moto G5 cedric: do not update to 1.21

We have several Moto G5 cedric which are used by the kids. They updated to r1.21 and now there is no WLAN anymore!
If you switch on WLAN it switches off immediately. Apps like wifi scanner can not switch on wifi!

Also a simple way for downdate is needed by storing a lower version in sdcard and to be able to downdate to it without loosing apps and data!

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I confirm this problem with 1.21 on Moto G5 Cedric: Wifi can’t be switched on.

I have two G5 Cedric phones and the effect was the same on both. After restoring version 1.20, Wifi worked again.

Downgrade to 1.20 - no apps / no data will be lost. :

  • Download image 1.20 for Cedric on your PC.
  • Boot your phone in “Recovery”: Long press the power the button / tap “Power” / tap “Recovery”
  • After the phone rebooted in “Recovery”: Press “Apply update” / “Apply from ADB” ()
  • Connect your phone to your PC with adb installed and run
    adb sideload e-1.20-r-20240221382014-dev-cedric.zip
  • The installation take several minutes. On the PC side, the percentage progress will “hang” at 47% (which is normal) and will show something like “Total xfer: 1.00x” after some time. On the G5 side the screen will show " Script succeeded result was [1.000000]".
  • At this stage, version 1.20 has been installed. Reboot the phone from within “Recovery” (menu point “Reboot system now”).
  • Rebooting takes a while… after that, Wifi is operational again.

Installing adb on your PC: Simply do

sudo apt update
sudo apt install adb

on a Debian / Ubuntu machine.