Warranty transfer?


first off thanks for the work towards a more sustainable, private, friendly, and open smartphone platform and community.

i am thinking of buying a used Teracube 2e that was recently purchased from the /e/ shop. while Teracube has confirmed that their 4 year warranty on 2e phones purchased from them can be transferred to a new owner with the original purchaser’s name and order number, i wanted to make sure that it will work the same way with a 2e originally purchased from /e/?

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The response I got from the sales team was that the warranty is attached to the device and not to the user so it will get transferred.


thank you

thank you very much Manoj, that is good news. is there any special process that i need to do in order to actually transfer the warranty? for example Teracube requires the full name and order # from the original purchase … does /e/ need me to do that as well?

thanks again and take care!

Hi , You can send a mail to support@e.email giving details of how you plan to purchase the device. The team should be able to help you further.

thank you. before posting here i had already sent an email to contact@e.email about this but have yet to receive a reply. however i will resend it to support@e.email and see what happens. as long as the /e/ Teracube 2e warranty transfer can happen then i assume that the rest is just details … albeit slightly important ones in this case :wink:

thank you for your help and for this project, happy to have discovered it.

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PS: i will try to update this thread once i get clear instructions for visitors from the future

for anyone who finds this post in the future, /e/ has indeed confirmed that the warranties of their phones do transfer to subsequent new owners, in my case the 4 year warranty of the Teracube 2e. here are quotes from the emails i received from /e/ support directly:

Hello W,
No need to worry,
We currently do not support warranty transfers, but this is not needed as warranty is for the phone, not for the person. As long as you send us the phone which is in warranty period, it will be serviced.
I advise you to get a copy of the invoice from the seller, so you will have all the related information for the phone (like order number).
We sell Teracubes since a couple of months, so warranty should be valid for nearly 4 years.
I’ll check about how servicing the phone in Europe works and update you.
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The warranty should be the same as the one Teracube provides. Basically, we help with the software, and Teracube covers the hardware. So far we did not have someone using the warranty in Europe yet, but if any issues we will help.
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thank you /e/ for this sustainable, user friendly, and sane warranty policy.