Warranty transfer?


first off thanks for the work towards a more sustainable, private, friendly, and open smartphone platform and community.

i am thinking of buying a used Teracube 2e that was recently purchased from the /e/ shop. while Teracube has confirmed that their 4 year warranty on 2e phones purchased from them can be transferred to a new owner with the original purchaser’s name and order number, i wanted to make sure that it will work the same way with a 2e originally purchased from /e/?

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The response I got from the sales team was that the warranty is attached to the device and not to the user so it will get transferred.

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thank you

thank you very much Manoj, that is good news. is there any special process that i need to do in order to actually transfer the warranty? for example Teracube requires the full name and order # from the original purchase … does /e/ need me to do that as well?

thanks again and take care!

Hi , You can send a mail to support@e.email giving details of how you plan to purchase the device. The team should be able to help you further.

thank you. before posting here i had already sent an email to contact@e.email about this but have yet to receive a reply. however i will resend it to support@e.email and see what happens. as long as the /e/ Teracube 2e warranty transfer can happen then i assume that the rest is just details … albeit slightly important ones in this case :wink:

thank you for your help and for this project, happy to have discovered it.

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PS: i will try to update this thread once i get clear instructions for visitors from the future