Waze not working on /e/ Samsung s7

Dear community,

I’ve a Samsung S7 with /e/ and from a big while Waze never works. Usually it says : “searching network” and that is. I 've already checked GPS connection, Waze permissions ( I enable all possible permissions, GPS, storage, contacts etc) but never works. Anyone has the same issue ? Someone has Waze working on /e/.


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when you search the forum for ‘waze’ you will find a lot of posts where it is running and where not.
Anyway, one hint, you know that waze is from g**gle and has trackers as hell ?? Why don’t use an open source navigation app like OSM ?

There is a workaround on their gitlab : https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/1946

To sum up, uninstall waze. Install an older version ( Open it and follow the initialization instructions everything should work then you can update the app.


It seems like Waze doesn’t provide older APK version, which provider would you advice?

Waze 4.53 exists on APKmirror. I don’t know of this source is trustworthy.