We need a good app Camera :)

Since I switched to /e/ with my Fairphone4, I’m looking for the camera app that will cover my needs:

  • Wide angle support
  • Fast switching between 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 and even full screen ratios
  • Panoramas possible
  • Open-Source application
  • Use of a custom gallery
  • Easy to use for zoom (0.5x, 1x and 2x), ratios…

I must say that I did not find by installing these 6 applications, 4 of which are open-source : OpenCamera, GrapheneOS Cam, Camera Stock FairPhone, GoogleCam, LibreCam and Simple Cam.

I also know that /e/ is looking for a developer for the cameras but there are good bases. My wish is to have an app that would mix the 4 tested open-source applications behind my link (you can click on the + buttons).

See the comparison (i can’t embed): https://www.frayssinet.org/2022/11/05/critiques-des-apps-de-camera-sur-mon-fairphone4/

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Is the original Fairphone 4 camera software as good as you expect?

It wasn’t perfect, but it met my needs overall. But on /e/, it doesn’t work (I got the apk); isn’t that weird?

Hi there,

On February 22, 2024 10:51:13 GMT+01:00, Fairphone noreply@mail.fairphone.com wrote me an E-Mail about a Camera-Upgrade, available through a System Update…of the fairphone 4 in original system.
…so not yet for /e/…
But perhaps some hope of improvement soon?


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I use the Aperture camera app that ships with LineageOS - see


On my daily driver, I use the IodéOS fork, from their F-droid repo: https://github.com/iodeOS/fdroid

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