We need Chinese!

This os is good,but it is incomplete Chinese

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Is it not in Settings - System - Languages & input - Languages - Add a language?

Languages are given with their native name, not in English (apart from English :slight_smile: ). Scroll way down to the end there … I can’t read the characters there, sorry, but deepl.com says it could be 中文, and those are there.

Edit: Found out the marked ones are indeed Chinese, and the ones inbetween are Cantonese (Simplified and Traditional for each of them).

No, I mean that some software and functions are incomplete or not in Chinese.

For example, the leftmost screen, Apps, Calendar, Mail, Maps and Weather.

It sounds like you are saying that your device is running /e/ in Chinese (Simplified)?

Your observation that certain strings are incomplete fits with the state of the /e/ i18n instance

Here is just a sample page in Chinese (Simplified) showing quite good progress :smile: , but there is a large number of “strings waiting for review”. I checked briefly and the strings I checked were ok.

Are “strings waiting for review” implemented?

@Im-joker please do get involved in improving this. I will do further research.

We have a team of volunteers who help with the translations. Not sure we have many for Chinese. You can volunteer to help out with the details given here

It’s interesting @Im-joker that you pointed out those proper nouns. Starting at A, I found that my very limited grasp of Chinese (Simplified) would not allow me to translate reliably:

“My favourite apps come from Apps”
我最喜欢的应用来自应用 :x:
我最喜欢的应用来自Apps :x:
我最喜欢的应用来自应用值 :question:
我最喜欢的应用来自应用敝 :yin_yang:
This was fundamental to making further progress! A new voice on the translation team might make big jumps forward! :smiley:

Sorry, I am a student and I don’t have much time to help you, but I will do my best to help.

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热烈欢迎/ e /社区。

@Manoj this is what the OP is reporting, might you change the tags, please?

I want to know if you will change Apps to 应用商店

Might be the answer, but, perhaps does not convey the understood “ownership” by /e/.

My favourite apps come from Apps

Sorry, I can’t spare time often to help you, because I will face the Chinese college entrance examination.
I’m so sorry.

Some applications cannot use search engines such as Apps and browsers in China’s network environment.
If you can, please be more detailed, my English is not good.
Most of my English is translated using Google Translate. :joy:

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我明白。 谢谢您的贡献!


:smiley: 小变化-大结果

I understand. Thank you for your contribution already!
The Apps idea is complex!
We cannot make actual changes here.

This is the important page to read

I know your time is limited or short.
The translation team you might like to join.
Excellent if you did!
:smiley: Small changes - Big results