Weather app not on repositories and not translatable

As the title say, the Weather app (the /e/ version at least) is not on F-Droid and Google Play, despite it is written down on Weather About.

Also it is not possible to translate it on Weblate, as it simply does not appear.

Some projects / components still need to be added to weblate.

Is it planned to add them? That would be very good news :slight_smile:

There are some issues with the weather app. Does not exactly work as required.
Need to decide whether to keep the weather or not :thinking:

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I find the Weather app and widget completely useless. It gives inaccurate data for me. I would like to see another app considered.


@Manoj, Forecastie, available on F-Droid repo, may be a better weather app.

For me OpenWeatherMap give me really accurate data. Maybe it depends on the city.

I’m also using Forecastie, much more details.

I think that this is not the appropriate post to talk about ideal weather app, there’s another post about that.

But thanks for Forecastie! I use Weather (F-Droid) which uses the same source but another visualization (I like more Weather because it shows the 3-hour predictions horizontally)