Weather widget doesn't display in OP5T- V2 Beta

I’ve installed /e/ on my OP5T. For some reason the weather info doesn’t display in the bliss launcher. Do I need any manual set up? I don’t recall doing any manual set up for my one plus x.

@Dravidian Please can you check if it shows up after updating in Settings> Widget Settings and checking the boxes for Update Location and Use geolocation for displaying .

Hi, I couldn’t find anything as widget under settings menu. Even the search didn’t throw any results for that. But under application menu I could confirm that weather has got location access. Thanks for responding.

I was referring to setting on the Weather app icon. I am looking at the app on a /e/ Oreo release for the MiA1. Screenshots below

It looks slightly different for me.

Wich version ? V1 - beta or v2 - beta. pls mark your headline like [v2 - beta] thanks

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