Weather widget on Bliss launcher

Im attempting to use Bliss launcher on my galaxy tab A tablet (no /e/ yet) but it crashes everytime I attempt to set up the weather widget, does anyone have a solution around the weather widget?

I think it’s because of needed weather provider and location services.

By the way, I have installed eOS on my Nexus10 Tablet. Bliss Launcher in not useable. The icons are small and it isn’t fitting to a big screen.

@harvey186 if that is correct how can I add weather provider and location services, or check if they are already there? Thanks for your advise in advance.

Which rom is installed on.your tab ? If it has MicroG installed you can check it in microG setup.
If you have a googled rom I don’t know, sorry

@harvey186 im running bootleggers with microg on my tablet at moment , all but two of the boxes are checked.

Mhm, sorry, than I have no idea what the issue is.

I think you have to flash OpenWeatherMapProvider to system. (Correct me if im wrong here)

OpenWeatherMapProvider is only for LineageOS-based ROMs. Works mostly with the cLock (LockClock) app/widget.
Bootleggers is based on GZOSP (well, my Oreo version was). The ROM may come with OmniJAWS for weather or nothing at all. Something like Your Local Weather could suffice for the home screen.

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I have the same problem with weather app on my phone while using bliss. When I try to enter location manually it doesn’t load. Weather app doesn’t detect the location as well. It crashes frequently.

By the way - I’m daily driving /e/OS for almost a year and I still consider Bliss Launcher unusable, especially in comparison to OpenLauncher. Simple issue - once I put an icon of something into a folder, I can’t get it out of the folder - I can’t also remove the folder, just change it’s name. Idk if I’m just too dumb to work with bliss launcher (which means that perhaps it isn’t user friendly, as I was able to flash multiple phones, used ubuntu and sailfishOS on my phones without issues), or is it just borked from the very beginning. @support I’m hoping that one year from now I will be able to switch from custom launcher to default one and not be repelled by the experience.

There are some code level improvements planned for the Bliss Launcher you can check the list here Do not have an ETA around this as yet.