Weather widget position not accurate

I find that the weather position in the widget and in the majority of weather appa is not accurate. It results in almost 50km diffetence. In magic earth postion is really good. Any idea?

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Can you give some info using this guide ?

Redmi Note 9 Pro
Android 12
E os 1.6-s-20221201239247-dev-miatoll

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I found that with grometric weather if i use my own openeweather api key the position is now accurate.
Where i can put my ownn api key in weather widget?

Weather widget > gear wheel top right > Weather source. Here you can also set custom location.

investigating I find that satstats find two position, one correct and one far away. correct in red and wrong in blue. the blue one is the one that is always find in all weather apps. I tried to disble microg location services but nothing chagnes

the red one is coming from gps. the blue one is coming from network
so why the whole system is using the network position instead of gps position?

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found the solution: installing “local NLP backed” and disabling mozilla location service from microg settings all work fine

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