Web Calendar Manager App

After searching for answers for some flaws of the web calendar manager app (2.2-beta.1) i have detected that a lot of this issues exist since some years and obviously did not got better:

  • once opened calendar manager app, kept in the background, and then brought to the foreground again, it shows the year 1970…

  • a new calendar created in the webapplication murena does not syncronize down to the mobile applicatoin…

  • notifiactions of events pop up one day after…

  • i cannot delete or deinstall the calendar app…the same nonsense as with windowswhatever…i dont like paternalism

  • on the mobile calendar, one created en event, i cant change the calendar, i.e. for example from “friends” to “parties”

it’s a pitty, that obviously it is not possible to create a proper working application for such a basic need.

as i do not want to use google, etc…does anybody have a working alternative?

thanks and best regards

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