Web phone app with an internet phone number?

I’m looking for an alternative to google voice, that will work on an S9+ from /e/


Try Textnow, Textplus and Mint.
My favorites are Textnow and Mint, definitely the best to use!!!

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Thanks! do you happen to know which app is more reliable on /e/?

No, unfortunately, I haven’t actually used either (I don’t have a phone yet…) but I have used the web interface, and Textnow is definitely my favorite. I would recommend getting a phone number with Textnow, and using the number to get Telegram… Just using data and wifi instead of sms. I don’t know how privacy friendly Textnow is… That’s my favorite idea.

That is exactly what prompted me on this search… Telegram. (Signal is still king though) Plus, I want a number i can use for every service.

Ok, yeah. In that case, I would use the Textnow number (provided you’re in the US??) for getting the phone number, and use that for getting Telegram, Signal, not using mms/sms much…