WebDAV calendar synchronization issue

Dear /e/ Community,

I have been trying to configure a WebDAV account linked to my website’s Cpanel account to synchronize specically my calendar and adress book.

I have carefully followed the instructions from CPanel but I am constantly receiving the following errors, specifically related to the calendar synchronization:

Here is how the error is displayed in the account configuration:

Did anyone encounter the same issue?

Many thanks for your support,



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I don’t use CPanel, but the error message displayed in the first image shows: veuilez reliere et verifier le certificat (hopefully correctly translated into English: Please link and verify the certificate.).

I’m guessing there’s a problem with embedding your SSL certificate used for authentication. The error messages in Figures 2 and 3 are likely consequential errors due to failed authentication (although the dates in those three pictures do not appear to be entirely chronological).

If you get stuck there, the CPanel forum might be the more appropriate place for your question.