Webdav settings accounts troubleshooting

Hi there,

I’ve a strange and buggy behaviour of the account manager in /e/os recently.
I have initially set 3 webdav accounts for my agenda-app, in this order :

  1. An external nextcloud account (framagenda.org) for my day to day agendas and tasks with the internal davx5 /e/os settings ;
  2. 2 externals ics subscriptions with the external icsx5 app because this subscriptions on framagenda.org doesn’t appear on my /e/os agenda-app whereas it’s appear on the internal davx5 settings ;
  3. Finally, I install and set an external f-droid davx5 app to synchronise the anniversary of the contacts of my murena.io contacts-app. It’s not appear otherwise.

All works just fine until I was force to change the login of my nextcloud framagenda.org account. I remove the internal davx5 account and reinstall it. Until this time it’s a mess. :upside_down_face:

So, I was forced first to remove the framagenda.org nextcould account on the internal davx5 /e/os account manager. When I want to recreate it, the interface don’t show up and blink constantly. So I try to set this account with the external davx5 app, it works partially : only the agenda was synchronized, not the tasks. I found a post in this forum and so I remove the external davx5 app.
Now, I can set the framagenda.org account but, the tasks sync is working whereas the agenda don’t work at all. I only see just one of my external framagenda not the others whereas the corresponding tasks are still presents on tasks-app…
When I try to see the settings of the framagenda.org in the account-manager the interface is blinking until I manually stop it.

If I go to Settings > Account > Webdav (myuser@framagenda.org) > account synchronization
there is this error message :
" the synchronization is having problems and will be restored soon "

Someone have some links or an idea on what is going on and how to resolve this issue ?

Thank’s a lot,

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