Week 02, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates

just better wait for the release 0.21

The message seems to be correct.
As your phone comes from the e foundation, it should be on the stable release channel, and 0.20 stable isn’t listed yet for the S9 (starlte) … https://images.ecloud.global/stable/starlte/.
I don’t know why, though.

Thanks. I am in no hurry! (In fact, I have never noticed any usability differences in any of the updates, with the exception of the introduction of dark mode…).

Nevertheless, for these weekly updates, it would be helpful if they could be categorized as “dev”, “stable”, and “eshop phones”.

Hi Manoj, I am new to forum. First, I would like to extend my thanks to all the people behind the e foundation – your work rocks!!

Is there any more information on the topic? Like logs, bug ID etc? I have a bacon device and I would love to see it supported in future. Can I help in anyway? I can run test on device for example.



You can try an install of latest versions Info about OnePlus One - bacon

Hi aibd,

You can try an install of latest versions Info about OnePlus One - bacon

I have latest version (0.19) installed here. AFAIK there is no newer build published yet. Of course I could try and build it myself, but I have so little free time available. This is my educated guess that there are newer build available, internally of course. I am willing to test those if that helps in anyway.

So this was the announcement:

OnePlus One bacon. We had multiple partition size errors while build for it. Will have to take a call if we can continue support for this device or stop it on nougat

… the implication is that there will not be “internal newer builds” … but more study of the subject might be rewarding for you. It is users and reporters who can keep a device alive! Testing @/e/

Getting Started on /e/

The v0.20-nougat builds were not released publicly because of some device-specific errors. Reading the first post in this thread, it is planned to release the v0.21-nougat builds after they are tested which is likely to be a couple of weeks after testing starts. So you should get a v0.21-nougat build for your bacon if you can wait a bit longer :slight_smile:

More than testing, it is the build process that is failing. The device does not have enough space to store the complete build. While building the ROM, we get this error. We tried multiple combinations by reducing the default application or what is known as the MINIMAL_APPS, but even that did not work for the Bacon. For devices which do not have a dedicated Maintainer, there is a limit to how much time we can spend on them.

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Ah OK. So v0.19 is the latest that will build, and the v0.20 changes took even the MINIMAL_APPS ROM over the available size. Looks like this feature request needs to be implemented :wink:

Something along those lines is on my to-do list!

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As a proof of concept a NEAR-ZERO_APPS specification for a Custom build would interesting to test.

The would be the /e/ Core described in the gitlab feature request

/e/ Core would need to include a minimal set of default apps, and a means of installing others. To minimise unnecessary work, /e/ Core could include the launcher and default apps (including F-Droid) that come with Lineage OS for microG, on which /e/ is based.

I have an idea how to do that, and it is on my to-do list :slight_smile:


There are two versions of Bacon with 16 and 64 GB storage space. I have 64 GB one. Its /system is 1.2 GB in size. It looks smallish for sure. Presently about 172 MB space is free. I would guess 16 GB variant might have allocated about the same space for /system.

Is it possible to repartition block device? I suppose the best way forward would be to increase /system, let’s say by 500 MB. Was this option considered?

@petefoth what do yo have in mind?

I’ll reply in the dedicated thread (and apologies for hijacking this thread)

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The developers tried a lot of different options, but it did not work. You can take this up in the post @petefoth created. Ideally, create an unofficial build using these suggestions and test it out. If it works, we can pass on the info to the developers and add it to the devices.

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One more thing for the to-do list :slight_smile:

I just bought a TerraCube 2e and update to 0.20 immediately. About 0.21 build I would like to know if the e.foundation phone’s always get OS update the first ?

There are two types of builds. Dev and stable. Dev goes out to all users. Stable build is the dev build released after a week of user testing. Stable builds are flashed / released OTA on the devices we sell.

Read more about the differences between these builds by clinking on the link shared in the initial post.

… I think … :blush:

To understand difference between the channels read this guide

The OP link, today, goes to Testing @/e/