Week 06 : 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

That’s good news! Hope it all works going forward. Eagerly looking forward to seeing the results. :grinning:

Good luck.

Hi Manoj:

This update message means that Bacon is not gonna be updated to Q definitively or that it is not going to happen this week, but maybe the next one?

Maybe in 2-3 weeks. As I mentioned I will be updating in this thread when I have more inputs.

Hi Manoj,
are the builds for this week online already somewhere?

No build failed :frowning:
Updating the details above.

Will there be a hotfix before the next official update for the bug in the UI of some apps under 0.14 Q on device Fairphone 3 (issue #2486)?

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A fragment of constructive criticism. Hope you don’t mind. I’ve been following this forum and the development of the OS for two years now. Privacy respecting, Europe-based, giving new life to a fleet of old devices: What more could I hope for. And I didn’t, just kept on waiting for the v. 1.0 and a streamlined installation process, preferably aided by the easy installer.

Now I really need to change my phone, i.e. I cannot wait any longer. And I’m one of those moms and dads, hence, no alpha-beta-testing or buggy OS’s for me to complicate the everyday. All in all, I’m considering CalyxOS. At the moment according to forum discussions they have what e OS doesn’t: easier installment, bug-freer usage.

Still, I wish I could have used e OS instead. So, I kindly suggest the e OS core team thinks through their strategy once again. Is it realistic to have so many devices supported? When, really when, will the 1.0 arrive? I, for one, wouldn’t mind e.g. giving up most of the supported devices if in exchange we could have some devices with easy installing and bomb-proof functioning.

The strategy has remained roughly the same for many years now. My patience has run out. If there are many like me I suggest the foundation makes the necessary changes in order to finally deliver for the original focus-group: the ordinary moms and dads with reasonably low tolerance for anything buggy in their everyday.


Thanks for the good work!

@Isaa well, I am using /e/ on my FP2 for over a year now. Even though it’s a “beta” version, I couldn’t find any bugs, and used it happily every day. Why waiting for a 1.0 number if the 0.13 number works well and bug free on a lot of devices?
All the best to you.



  • I dont contribute (nor financially, nor coding)
  • I have 3 old devices resurrected.
  • My main phone is a S5 (klte) and it works great!
  • I instaled /e/ for mom as dad. They dont like it and wanted stock back.
    So, thanks a lot.
  • I recognize your efforts.
  • I totally dont care if its “late”
    (I’m just happy that it exists)

@Isaa, I dont see that quote as a “constructive criticism”. For me, it is just called “feedback”. But I think I understand your point of view: they should sacrifice all the devices and focus on a fewer, because you run out of patience, and maybe there are many like you. Hope not.


I also think the list of “supported” devices is too long for the size of the development team. I can see the idea, bring /e/ to many users on many devices. Other company’s showed in the past with 1 really good device its also possible to build up a big user base.

On the device list being large let me share some facts. Phones like Fairphone and Gigaset do not sell in India and not sure about their availability in the US.
If we go by the logic of selecting vendors who are available across the world with good local support then it would be Samsung and Xiaomi. Xiaomi again due to political reasons gets the cold shoulder ocassionally in some countries. That will make us focus exclusively on Samsung. I have a few test devices and was surprised at how well LeEco works. Yet it is not heard of in India.
This is the reason why we have a large list of devices which we keep trying to increase based on availability of custom ROM’s like LOS for these devices.


You wouldn’t dare to compare /e/ with apple? :wink:

Less is more. The /e/Team is far from the number of LineageOS contributors. The range of supported devices would have to be correspondingly reduced to keep up with the support. A selection of the devices most used with LineageOS, i.e. a kind of Top 33 : LineageOS charts, would give a clue. But - the future belongs to the newer devices.

If the e.foundation focuses on Samsung for the above reasons, newer devices with factory Stock Android 9-pie and 10-Q make a good GSI entry point. With lineageOS dependency, /e/ is at the mercy of the lineage team’s whims - see Galaxy S7 and S9 for example.



I contribute (only through donation, no programming).
I appreciate the effort in the community and by the core team.
I value the idea of /e/ from an indepentent os from within Europe.
I am not a tech beginner but no programmer either.

If there is a resource issue, I agree with comments made above that maybe the strategy should be re visited the set priorities. If /e/ os aims to be a third player next to the big two, it would in my view indeed fit to shorten the supported devices list in favour of a top experience and continuous service. Only if this goal can be kept…extend the list further to gain ground by offering more options.
The question on how to start, could be either market oriented by geography - where e could most likely win most customers - or by client behaviour - tech interested or data protection oriented - or best of both:)
Whilst the last option would be ideal ,it will highly depend on the companies/foundations strategy and knowledge.

Thus…I trust the /e/ team will have a master plan and probably it is good to not fully tell about it as also the competition could read along.
I also trust that the /e/ team is really doing all they can and that I value a lot!

As much as I wish for a stable, secure, no data collecting third powerhouse in the smartphone area, it is a huuuuuuuge task.

Hence I hope for the best and wish you all a nice evening

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If you look at the statistics, /e/'s market share is in the low single digits at best. Google Android and Apple iOS have around 97.5 percent (fluctuating by the smallest differences behind the decimal point) of the worldwide market share for operating systems: Mobile Operating System Market Share Worldwide - January 2021. There is little to be gained. But the seat won at the table should at least be stabilised in order to retain a loyal user community.

Dear @SuzieQ

Yes indeed. I am aware about the numbers. Alas ,everyone needs a vision,right :slight_smile:
Being the best alternative to the other two, by delivering true data privacy is a vision and an implication of a true alternative on this narrow market. Thus a third option. Maybe not the third “player”. Kind of a big word.
However, by winning a market, it depends on the goal. I guess it is not likely to think e will get 30 % market share over the next year. That however ,does not need to be the goal of a foundation like e.

Therefore, keep the fans happy:)

Yeah, each of us can contribute to good mood. For example, with statements in letters, words and clear language without seeing the issues with tunnel vision or through rose-coloured glasses. I enjoy reading your contributions, @marcih83. Thank you.

Hearing this from you is kind of an honour!!!
Thank you and /e/ of course :slight_smile:

Its not the color of the glasses. Its the taste of the road.
Maybe Im to old to live wishing for a perfect day, or a perfect OS, or a perfect market share (or any other God)… Maybe I just dont care about it. What is part of my everyday reality is that /e/ is working. Now. Not tomorow. In an old fashion trashed device.
Sorry for my words. I will try to color it in the next time.
But what I really want is to understand why the hurry? Its about bugs or easy installer? Are you unable to install and/or use it, or its just a great heart for the poor others moms and dads? Where is the problem?

Sorry again… Keep the hope alive.

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