Week 10 : 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

New devices

  • Devices planned for release this week are as under:
  • Android Q
    • BQ Aquaris X (bardock)
    • BQ Aquaris X Pro (bardockpro)
    • ZUK Z2 Plus (z2_plus)
  • Build for these devices are yet to start
    With this week we close the first set of releases for 2021.
  • There were a few devices for which the build failed. We will next focus on getting those builds working and release them.
  • After release of the devices for which builds failed we will decide on the next set of devices to be added.

v0.15 testing

  • Testing is almost complete. We expect to release the builds for all users on the dev channel this week.
  • Stable channel release should happen by next week.
  • The issue with the Dialer crashing on some devices remains open…pl add you comments or logs on gitlab if you are facing the same issue on your phone
  • You can find the list of issues resolved as part of v0.15 here

Confused by the build types check this guide

10 Mar Update
The following device builds had failed when we ran them in the last couple of weeks.

  • On Pie
  • On Q
    a3xeltexx ,a5xelte, jactivelte , bacon, gts4lvwifi, hlte, s5neolte , a5y17lte , a7y17lte ,m8 , s3ve3gxx , wt88047, jfltexx , crackling

We will be focusing on these device builds in Week 12. The devices should get the latest v0.15 code which has the fix for the issue which caused the crash.

Pie to Q Upgrade
An interesting bit of news this week was one of our developers was able to get the OS to update a device from Pie to Q with encryption enabled. The next step would be to get it working on more devices and finally the all important point to get it working OTA. Will update on the progress.

Mar 10 Update
One more new device added Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo (s5neolte) . Hope to release the all the new devices later today or tomorrow
Build failed for the s5neolte :frowning: Will add it to the set we will build after releasing v0.15

Mar 11 Update
The new devices scheduled for addition to the supported list have been released.
This marks the end of the first phase of adding and upgrading devices. It started from week 3 to the current week 10.
The next week (s) will be devoted to building and releasing the devices that failed during the previous weeks. The list is slightly long. We will release them with v0.15 code.

  • On Pie
  • On Q
    a3xeltexx , a5xelte, jactivelte , bacon, gts4lvwifi, hlte, s5neolte , a5y17lte , a7y17lte ,m8 , s3ve3gxx , wt88047, jfltexx , crackling

Once we have released these devices we will publish a new list of devices we plan to add or upgrade.

As you may be aware Lineage is planning to upgrade to Android 11 and stop support for Pie.

What this means for /e/ is we also need to concentrate on the Android 11 upgrade of the source code.
This development has already started. Will be updating through these threads on the progress.

All the more reasons to first upgrade all the remaining nougat / Oreo devices to Pie or Q where possible.

Thread will be updated during the week as more inputs come in.

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Hello @Manoj !

Any news about Galaxy A5 2017 ? The 0.14 (Pie) caused some trouble. And the Q update is not out yet ?

Thanks for your help.

I just updated the status on the A5 in the first post in this thread…so that all the updates can be in one place.

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Thanks a lot @Manoj !!

Hi Manoj:

Sorry for bothering. Whats the current status of the Bacon update? Where the problems finally solved? I’m asking because I have the phone waiting for the update to start using it, but I can’t wait much more because I need it. I have been waiting more than a month for the update :cry:

I have asked a team member to build for bacon as well as the other devices that failed in the initial set. We need to release v015 first as I am told the fix is in the v0.15 code. With the v0.15 release due this weekend or early next these builds should be available by end of next week or the week after.


Hi @Manoj

Since week 07, I don’t see any mention of the a5xelte (samsung galaxy A5 2016).
What about the progress of the work to move to version 0.14 or 0.15?

Thanks again for your daily posts which are always interesting.

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Thanks for pointing that out @saroumane38 …have added the a5xelte to the list of builds which will be reattempted once we release the v0.15 code.

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Sailfish to Q too, please.

This is a great news!


Hi @Manoj,

What’s new about Galaxy s4 jfltexx Q build, witch was planned to be released during week 06 ?

I have recently tested the last January dev nougat build : bad data network reception.

The August test pie build : no data network reception.

The June guntram custom mini pie build : very well data network LTE reception.

Just updated the list of builds that will be the focus in Week 11