Week 11 : 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

This week we will focus on :

  • v0.15 on dev channel - released
    Some device builds failed and an issue was created and is being tracked here

  • v0.15 on stable channel - To be released today - 22 Mar

  • Building devices for which Q upgrades failed during the previous weeks
    This list will include a few new devices.
    The device code names and the OS on which they will be released are

    • On Pie OS
    • On Q OS
      a3xelte , a5xelte , jactivelte , bacon, gts4lvwifi, hlte, s5neolte , a5y17lte , a7y17lte ,m8 , s3ve3gxx , wt88047, jfltexx ,crackling

17 Mar Update
Good News
Q builds for the following devices have been made successfully

  • New
    jactivelte , gts4lvwifi , s5neolte
  • OS Upgrade
    a3xelte , a5xelte , hlte , a7y17lte , s3ve3gxx

These Q builds should be released for all users by EOD or latest by tomorrow .

Working on the remaining upgrades that failed.

18 Mar

Q builds for these devices to be released today .

  • New
    jactivelte , gts4lvwifi , s5neolte
  • OS Upgrade
    a3xelte , a5xelte , hlte , a7y17lte , s3ve3gxx

19 Mar
I have been told the release for these devices will happen early next week :frowning:

FP3 OTA update
There was an issue with the OTA server which was fixed. Pl recheck if you are able to see the OTA update on the Dev channel…
Pl note if you have purchased your FP3 from the eStore you would not be be able to see the update as the stable channel builds have not been released. ETA for stable channel builds is end of week.

22 Mar Update
Apologies for the delay in the release of the stable 0.15 builds. Some device users reported the build was not booting automatically. The team has been asked to check why this is happening. The release of some of the builds which failed during the upgrade was also not done last week.
Hope to clear out this backlog by the start of this week.

22 Mar Update The Stable builds are being rolled out today. Should start showing up for various devices by end of day.

Thread will be updated

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My related problems with data network on jfltexx are probably due to hardware

One of them is sailfish (Google Pixel). I’m patiently waiting for the Q-version. Any idea why builds for this particular model seem to fail constantly? Any hope for us waiting?

good news.
Can’t wait to try it out.
Will the update be offered via OTA or will it have to be done via TWRP?
If second option, a quick tutorial would be appreciated.

Thanks again for the great work

Hi @Manoj, there’s no OTA update on v0.15q available for my fp3 although I’ve seen the .zip-fiile in the dev-download section :thinking:


Is the v0.15 OTA update still not visible for the FP3 ?

No, unfortunately not. The updater doesn’t find it.

Same here, no OTA update around 8 o’clock GMT+1.
Location Europe/Germany if that’s relevant.

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Let me check with the team on this and get back


same here. still no OTA visible. FP3.

@011v3r @Scytale @vthejay are you on the dev channel ?

If you purchases your device from the eStore then you would have the stable build which has not been released as yet

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I installed Q (https://images.ecloud.global/dev/a5y17lte/e-0.15-q-20210311105636-dev-a5y17lte.zip) on my a5y17lte yesterday and it seems to work like a charm! :slight_smile:
Btw: Using TWRP v. 3.5.0_9-0 instead of eRecovery.
Keep up the good work!

kind regards


Yes, I’m on dev, @Manoj . The v0.14q update in january worked just fine OTA.
Edit: It’s now available on my device (10:05am). Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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My apologies. I misread the top posting and assumed the dev was already released and it’s about the stable channel.
Sorry for that, my mistake.

No, I am on the dev channel.

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Hi Manoj:

I see that Bacon is not in the “good list” :cry: again. In the “List of issues” I don’t actually get much information. Could you “filter” :wink: more details about what’s failing?


I can now see the OTA. :slight_smile: Updating now. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Will update once Bacon and the other remaining devices get built. Some of these devices have an issues with limited partition size which means they cannot support the full compliment of /e/ apps. That requires a minimal build to be made for these devices.
Will update if there is any progress.

I just received a update to e/OS 0.15-20210316105636 and the update went smoothly.

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Just updated my a5y17lte with the v0-15 Q build. Works perfectly fine :star_struck:
Many thanks to the whole team!

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