Week 13 2024: Development and Testing Updates

Yes, it was in this weeks list to be updated.


We may drop Nothing ‘Spacewar’ Phone 1. LOS has no maintainer and last build has multiple bugs. Unless a user steps up and volunteers to become the ROM Maintainer for this device the chances are it will be dropped. Will update the progress of the discussion.

Hey @Manoj, is there any update to ETA of Bliss 3? “Early 2024” seems not to be feasible anymore :wink:

By the way, what will be new in Bliss launcher 3? Is there some info available?

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We will be sharing the details soon and still make it ‘Early 2024’ .




Yes indeed! With an /e/OS v2.0
Which should be coming up soon.

Update: v1.21 maybe the last in the v1.xx series. We are planning on having v2.0 for the next release. This would include v3.0 of the BlissLauncher besides other updates.
Will share more details in the next couple of days.

ETA would be : April end :crossed_fingers:


Is there any Project/Branch on Gitlab where we can observe how Bliss Launcher 3 dev is going?

At the moment the BlissLauncher v3 development is only visible to the internal development team. The code will be opened for all only prior to release. Will be sharing the release date through these posts.


FP4 users pl note the update added to the initial post. The team is working on resolving the issue but for now the release of the upgrade build has been postponed. Will update.


I suppose it has to do with keeping the tablet secret :laughing:.

I’m admittedly new to /e/OS and Bliss Launcher, and coming from years of stock-ish Android (Nokia then Samsung phones), the current Bliss Launcher unfortunately got a no-go quite fast. Not that it doesn’t have its good sides, but the lack of some useful features made me switch to another launcher after barely a week of use.
Bliss Launcher 3 seem to at least address some of my concerns, so I’m kinda looking forward to try it, but beside the widget on any page feature, I didn’t find anything on what is planed.
Why not show off more of the features as they are built, even without releasing the code itself, so the community can discuss about them and offer their feedback ?

Thank you. What exactly is this touch feature that causes the issue?

The smartphone screen where you use your finger to activate apps or do any activity. This is buggy.

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Thx for the update :muscle:t2: do you have a link for the related FP4 issue? I’d be curios…

The issue is marked internal and only accesible to the development team as it is was detected on a build which has not been released to users.

I’m quite curious too, I thought it was about the ghost touch problem but if the issue concerns the touch feature itself, then I wonder how it became known just a few days before delivering 1.21.

Anyway, the FP4 OTA upgrade was originally supposed to happen with 1.19 and will likely arrive with 1.22 (or 2.0?). Our patience is being tested :slight_smile: Good luck to the team to solve the bug.

Just saw the new blog post by @GaelDuval. Looking forward to all the new features coming soon. Few questions. Last year he mentioned that Advanced Privacy would be released as a stand alone app. Is that available? Can we please get the settings back in “Wallpaper and style” to choose our own colors and have Material You in version /e/ OS 2.0? Will /e/ OS 2.0 include Android 14?

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Hello Manoj,

Does that means that we have to go back to stock rom first before installing hte next upgrade (like Q to T for example) ?

Thank you

Yes if the device requires a flashing of the stock ROM first then that is the first step. Before installing /e/OS. That way the new OS firmware will be added to the device.

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Ghost touch issue?
I have had literal plague of it in February 2023. All my devices suffered from problem. Samsung Galaxy S10+ on one ui and 3 Microsoft Surface Pro 4/5 tablets. It was driving me crazy. It was coming and going whole early 2023 till may. Then it stopped and never came back. Cleaning screen never helped for long. Sometimes it didn’t help or made it even worse.

I think it is fine conductive dust