Android T stable for FP4?

I want to upgrade my FP4 from 1.16s to 1.17t stable without unlocking the bootloader. When I enter the sideload command in adb sideload mode, I get the error: protocol fault (no status).

e/Os version: 1.16-s-20231013341147-stable-FP4

But no worries, I realize it just isn’t done yet and will wait until the stable version is announced.

2 ideas from the internet:

  • Use the adb command from current Android SDK Platform Tools to try again. Check adb --version to make sure the latest command really gets used.

  • In case an adb process is still running, kill it before trying again.

I did a little research myself. The reason was the ancient adb I was using (from 2014). I actually had to delete the file and manually move the new one to my adb folder, until then Windows used the old version for some reason. Update is installing now :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help AnotherElk!
Update: Flashed your image, no errors during update. Now it boots straight to bootloader. Recovery still worked so I downgraded back to s.

Thanks, the ZIP without “IMG-” works!

Do you have any news about ETA, @Manoj? :slight_smile:

According to the latest Week 50-2023 statement, it is expected to be OTA released with 1.19, ETA mid January 24, if all goes well.


The plan is to target in the Jan mid v1.19 release. Will get a fresh assessment once the teams return from the end of the year vacations.


Thank you very much for the update, I’m really looking forward :rocket: enjoy your well deserved holidays and keep up your amazing work :muscle:t2:

It has been there but now it’s gone… :man_shrugging:

The current plan is to release the stable /e/OS T build for FP4 along with the v1.20 release. ETA is mid February :crossed_fingers:

…seen this while downloading " " via easy-installer …
Your warning includes this version/way of installing /e/, right?
Is it possible to use " " as further version via easy-installer?


(sometimes heaven sends procrastinating offers…i rather wanted to flash the FP4 yesterday, but the wheather was too fine…and now your today’s notice)

oh, sorry…
“T” comes after “S” …
Sunday’s mistake.
Will flash the FP4 now.

I have a fp4 and I just updated it to 1.20. But I’m still at the ‘s’ version and not the ‘t’. Should I do something specific to get the ‘t’ one ?


This is yesterday’s latest statement from Manoj concerning FP4 Android T (13) version upgrade. So hopefully next version 1.21 would bring Android 13 to the FP4.

Thanks for sharing this information. I’ll wait for the next version then :slight_smile:

Will FP4 finally get Android 13 upgrade ?
It had been announced for several /e/OS versions, at least v1.19, v1.20, and then v1.21, but the release notes for v1.21T does not mention it (though it mentions that FP3 will be running Android 13…).
I am really longing for this upgrade (as I hope that it might fix several issues I am facing with my Murena FP4, mainly related to Bluetooth, audio, and WIFI).
Thanks for any news in this regard !

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