Week 14, 2023: Development and Testing Updates

The team is facing some issue with the build for the Oneplus 7T. They are working on resolving it and sharing the build.


Why has the comment about e/OS T version for tablets been removed from the first post?

Not sure which line you are referring to. I can see your previous post in this thread.

It’s still there if you have a look. And it’s “for a tablet”, not for tablets. There are things which can help with stuff like this, actually …

  • In this forum you can have a look at the edits of a post. If a post was edited*, somewhere left of the timestamp you can see a pencil icon and the number of edits (for this post here, too). Tapping/ clicking this will give you the post’s history.
    The opening post was edited, but not in this regard.

  • The search function top left of the page (looking glass icon) has an option to search “in this topic”.
    Try a search for “tablet”.

  • Your browser is able to search in a web page such as this one. Usually: 3 dot menu - Find in page
    Try a search for “tablet”.

* Small edits or quick enough edits within a few minutes time since the initial post don’t count for this.

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I must be going mad, I read three times, either I was tired or I need new glasses :eyeglasses:

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Hi @ToughDBlue , the stable S build for OnePlus 7T has not been built as yet. There were some issues . Will update if the build issues can be resolved. For now, the dev build for hotdogb has been released. In case the issues continue, we may have to keep the build at R and revert the documentation :frowning_face:


what about the OTA Upgrade from R to S (dev) on FP3?
I still have v1.8.1 and got no update/upgrade notification…

OTA upgrades to a new major Android version are only available on stable builds.
With a dev build you will have to upgrade manually.


I can’t find Android S on this Site anymore. Why was it withdrawn?

edit: there appeared now version 1.9.1 of android s on the site.

Maybe a stupid question, but I can’t find the S release for FP3?
Is it not released, yet (for manual install)?

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It has already been released :

@Manoj What is the difference from version v1.9?


Hi @Manoj,

Will microg v0.2.27.223616 be part of v1.10?

Hi Manoj, what’s up with Nextcloud 25 that is planned for the first quarter of 2023? @Manoj

It’s been part of /e/OS since v1.8 I think…

My bad. Sorry for disturbing! :grin:

Same question here. I’m always shocked that there is nowhere a page explaining the changes. If it exists (@AnotherElk ?), it’s well hidden :frowning_face: and would deserve a specific topic here…

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Any explanation on the v1.9.1 just out on my FP3+ ?

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There was an issue due to which the v1.9 build was not visible on the FP3 updater. This was corrected and the build rerun specifically to check the fix. There are no other differences in the v1.9.1 build for the FP3. Have asked the team to check if any other code changes went into the v1.9.1. Will share that information if it comes in.