Week 14, 2023: Development and Testing Updates

Release Information


What will come in this build

This list will update as we will add remove issues based on testing results


Status : :green_circle: Released

Release Notes

Builds missing

  • The FP3 /e/OS S build will be released early next week. This includes dev and stable builds.
Previous 5 releases & user feedback

Some interesting updates coming soon

Status : :green_circle: Development and testing

  • /e/OS T or Android 13
  • a new and improved version of the Bliss Launcher
  • An /e/OS T build for a tablet

The initial builds look very promising. Expect the release in about 1-2 months.


Testers required

:point_right: GS290 OS OTA upgrade testing.

:point_right: User on the verizon network in the US, Testing new devices being released in the US.

What we look for in the testers


NextCloud update coming up :new:

The update to NC 25 will be initiated tommorrow 11 May from 3.00 to 6,00 UTC . This upgrade will include performance improvements, bug fixes and security patches.

  • Nextcloud 24.0.10 upgrade and a bunch of other fixes have been implemented
  • Check out the details of what has been updated or upgraded here


Self-hosted eCloud upgrade


Support for Nokia devices dropped

It seems that now Nokia doesn’t officially allow unlocking the bootloader. Users may notice that LineageOS wiki has omitted the unlock section and added a warning on their site for example DRG. It was decided that without a dedicated maintainer for the device it would be difficult for us as well as the users to install the nokia devices.




Status: :green_circle: Released

  • Download here
    • Sources available here
    • version is /e/OS Q (A10)
    • S (A12) and R (A11) version of GSI yet to be planned. Awaiting developer availability


OS OTA upgrades

Status: :green_circle: Complete


  • Oneplus nord aviccii >> A12(stable)
  • FP4 >> R ( A11) to S (A12)stable
  • FP3 >> R (A11) to S (A12) stable
  • FP3 >> Q (A10) to R (A11) stable
  • OnePlus Nord >> Q ( A10) to R (A11) (stable build)
  • Samsung s7 / s7+ >> Nougat (A7) to Q (A10)
  • Samsung s9 / s9+ >> Oreo (A8) to Q (A10)
  • Samsung s8 /s8+ >> Pie (A9) to R (A11) OTA upgrade

Under development

  • Galaxy S9/S9+ Q (A10)→ Android 11 (R)
  • GS290 Q (A10)→ Android 11 (R) :new: Testing to start


Important information : Plans to drop support for multiple OS versions on the same device

:warning: Users are informed that we plan to drop support for multiple operating systems on the same device. To explain further, let us take an example. If a device has Pie or Android 9, Q ( A10) and R (A11) /e/OS versions showing up for download, we will be building and supporting the latest version only - in this case R (A11).

:point_right: Users are advised to upgrade to the latest version of the OS for their device to avoid being stuck on unmaintained OS versions. In most cases, this would be a manual upgrade which would require you to take a backup.

:nerd_face: Supporting multiple OS versions can causes issues of compatibility with applications as most only work correctly on the latest OS. Multiple OS builds also require storage space and consumes time and resources for maintenance.

Update: The plan has been initiated. We will be supporting only the latest OS versions for each device moving forward. Users will need to start updating their devices on to the latest /e/OS OS version available. :new:


Check realtime availability of /e/OS and related services websites

eCloud related websites

/e/OS related

OS upgrade info specific to the FP3 The FP3 OTA OS update from Pie to Q/R is not possible as encryption method changed on FP3 between Pie and Q/R. It is not possible to change the method while updating. The team spent a great deal of time on this, but has not been able to resolve this problem. For now, the manual process is the only way to upgrade the FP3 from pie to other OS versions.
What we mean by OS OTA upgrade - Click to expand or close

:nerd_face: OTA OS upgrade means the upgrade to a higher OS level. Updates will be delivered Over the Air (OTA). The OTA upgrades are available on official builds only. Users who have unofficial or custom-builds will not get the notification to install the upgrade build. They will have to manually download and flash the Q builds once they are released, which may result in data loss.

  • Difference between /e/OS build types
  • Unofficial ROM build refer the section ROM Builders - Unofficial and Custom
Recent Documentation updates
ROM Builders - Unofficial and Custom
  • Pleas update your Docker image to tne latest image we released
  • Those building using traditional repo sync method refer android_prebuilts_prebuiltapks_lfs
  • You will have to install git-lfs (sudo apt-get install git-lfs)
  • After completing a repo sync, you will have to run repo forall -c ‘git lfs pull’

:nerd_face: Reason behind these changes:

Due to the large size of the android_prebuilts_prebuiltapks we have switched to using LFS, and now you will need to refer to android_prebuilts_prebuiltapks_lfs

End of official support for Nougat, Oreo and Pie 😞 For Pie, Oreo and Nougat the official /e/OS support draws to a close.

Reasons for dropping official support are:

  • newly released applications like App Lounge, Advanced privacy code has not been customized for these OS versions.
  • lack of dedicated ROM Maintainers
  • no support upstream (Lineage dropped support for Pie sometime back)
  • device trees will continue to exist in the Gitlab and users with build skills can create custom ROMs on these builds
  • Security patches and vendor patches for the Pie, Oreo and Nougat code will be updated based on availability.

:nerd_face: Google stops security patches for OS after some time. Similarly, Vendors drop support for older models when they release newer models in the market. Then it depends on developers from various communities to backport the patches.

Device and Vendor specific Announcements

:loudspeaker: Gigaset GS290

  • We have stopped the sales of the Gigaset GS290 on the eSolutionsShop as the vendor has stopped production of the device. We will continue support for existing users.

:loudspeaker: Message being shared on the request of our vendor partners

  • Vendors whose phones we sell on our eSolutions Store do not directly sell /e/OS flashed devices.
  • The vendors only sell their devices with their own stock ROM.
  • To get pre flashed /e/OS phones, you have to purchase them from the eSolutions Shop.

:loudspeaker: /e/OS Pre flashed device sales

  • We sell directly in EU, US, Canada.
  • Find details of what devices are available in which countries here eSolutions Shop.
  • In Australia we do not sell directly. You can purchase preflashed /e/OS devices from this site

:loudspeaker: Murena One released
A phone from Murena with /e/OS installed has been launched and is available for purchase. Check the device specs here

Expect more device releases from Murena in future :grinning:

:nerd_face: Murena is the brand name and /e/OS is the operating system.

/e/OS Links


  • Facing issues with devices you purchased from us ? Send a mail with details to helpdesk@e.email


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a user asked at Frage zu Unterstützten Geräten - #6 by Lextor why the Nokia devices were dropped. I linked the commit, but the explanation is non public. I’m curious myself if this happened for technical or legal reasons.

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I noticed that OnePlus 7T has a heading for /e/ OS S in the Stable Build page https://images.ecloud.global/stable/hotdogb/
Any word when it will be avaliable?
Thank you for a great secure Android OS!

I hope the e/OS T build for tablet will be working on recent models with large screens.

My first gen iPad pro is due for replacement (cracked screen and poor battery).

As with my phones I want to transition my tablet to one running e/OS.

I hope also that the tablets will get OTA upgrades.:crossed_fingers:

Looking forward to Android 11 on my Samsung S9 + phones too. :+1: There is a couple of features I need.

Thanks for pointing this out. I missed out adding this information in the draft. Have done so now. Without an official bootloader unlock method, it would be difficult for users to flash the ROM on the device.


Thanks for pointing this out. Will check and update.

The team is facing some issue with the build for the Oneplus 7T. They are working on resolving it and sharing the build.


Why has the comment about e/OS T version for tablets been removed from the first post?

Not sure which line you are referring to. I can see your previous post in this thread.

It’s still there if you have a look. And it’s “for a tablet”, not for tablets. There are things which can help with stuff like this, actually …

  • In this forum you can have a look at the edits of a post. If a post was edited*, somewhere left of the timestamp you can see a pencil icon and the number of edits (for this post here, too). Tapping/ clicking this will give you the post’s history.
    The opening post was edited, but not in this regard.

  • The search function top left of the page (looking glass icon) has an option to search “in this topic”.
    Try a search for “tablet”.

  • Your browser is able to search in a web page such as this one. Usually: 3 dot menu - Find in page
    Try a search for “tablet”.

* Small edits or quick enough edits within a few minutes time since the initial post don’t count for this.

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I must be going mad, I read three times, either I was tired or I need new glasses :eyeglasses:

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Hi @ToughDBlue , the stable S build for OnePlus 7T has not been built as yet. There were some issues . Will update if the build issues can be resolved. For now, the dev build for hotdogb has been released. In case the issues continue, we may have to keep the build at R and revert the documentation :frowning_face:


what about the OTA Upgrade from R to S (dev) on FP3?
I still have v1.8.1 and got no update/upgrade notification…

OTA upgrades to a new major Android version are only available on stable builds.
With a dev build you will have to upgrade manually.


I can’t find Android S on this Site anymore. Why was it withdrawn?

edit: there appeared now version 1.9.1 of android s on the site.

Maybe a stupid question, but I can’t find the S release for FP3?
Is it not released, yet (for manual install)?

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It has already been released :

@Manoj What is the difference from version v1.9?


Hi @Manoj,

Will microg v0.2.27.223616 be part of v1.10?

Hi Manoj, what’s up with Nextcloud 25 that is planned for the first quarter of 2023? @Manoj