Week 15 : 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

The highlights for this week

  • Selective release of v0.16 as no major issues reported.
    The word selective release is a bit confusing so let me explain. The build is still not booting on certain devices …especially the set of devices which was to receive the Q build
    bacon, crownlte, jfltexx , m8 , marlin, sailfish, star2lte , starlte, taimen ,wt88047
    This will be tracked here
    The team will continue to work on the issue and in case it get fixed these devices will directly get v0.16 or v0.17

  • Pl note any device which is still stuck on a previous build for v0.13 ,v0.14 is there because of build related issues on that particular device
    As and when the issue is resolved the device will get the latest build which ever version it is…v0.16 or v0.17 and so on.

  • Easy Installer… some users were asking if it upgrades the OS… no it does not upgrade the OS. There were multiple queries regarding if it will deliver Q to the Samsung 9 or other devices. It does not do so at the moment.
    To do an OS upgrade the Easy Installer should not only upgrade the OS but also carry forward all the existing user data without any data loss. That is a big ask for the developers.
    There is no ETA on this unfortunately not because no body is working on it but because we do not want to make false promises which we may not be able to keep up to the date.
    Continued in the next point

  • OTA Upgrade of OS…some time back in one of these weekly updates I had mentioned that the OS upgrade through the Updater was done successfully for a Samsung device. The work on this is progressing and we hope to test if it works OTA …very soon.
    Again I am not giving an ETA here but I am one of those in line waiting eagerly to test the OTA upgrade on my S9 !

  • Some users have complained that the devices we sell on the eShop are still on older OS versions. This is true. At present on the eShop the refurbished S9/S9+ is on Oreo, while the S8 on Pie. The new models Fairphone and Gigaset on are Q.
    Based on the development activities mentioned above we hope to completely move all these devices to Q by May end.
    There are newer OS versions which a user can manually flash for these devices but it is not easy in some cases besides a good number of our eShop customers are not really into manually flashing and installing devices.That makes this development work important.

Now coming back to the subject why some devices are failing …as you would have realized by now the team is busy working on these fixes which should solve a lot of the build issues.

16 April Updates
Official support for Samsung s4 jfltexx has been withdrawn. We have been unable to build for this device due to partition space issues. We tried by running the MINIMAL_APPS parameter which builds only a basic set of apps. That did not work.
Pl note this is a temporary removal from the supported list. If we are able to build the /e/ ROM for this device at a later day we will add it back to the list and it shall continue receiving the latest updates.

This thread will be updated during the week

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@Manoj thanks for the information on the update of S9 devices.

@Manoj @aibd Does anyone know of a way to update a S9+ on /e/8 to /e/10 without flashing a stock ROM?

Thanks for the update on the S9 Q situation! I’m one on those who complained about this, but just to be clear I’m happy about /e/ overall, this is just a pain point that’s hard to ignore. Looking forward to getting the update!

@egx470 it’s not recommended by the devs to do the update manually but the official doc + the link below is you best bet Galaxy S9 'starlte' + /e/OS 'Q' dev AOSP Android 10

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