Week 15, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates

Update OK for me on my S9+.


All functions work fine.

Thanks, no problem it was just to get the information.

My FP3+ received a second 0.23 Q (dev) update yesterday (dated 6 April though). Is it just me or is the slight lag that came with the previous update gone? :slight_smile:

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Hi Eugene, Thanks for your message, I appreciate it.
In Check the Release notes I read "Please welcome our new /e/OS v0.23 pie ! ". Confusing.
I hope Manoj is wrong, because I purchased my phone in july 2020 in the e-solution shop.
Without updates it would be a bad bargain.

I can confirm Moto G7 (river) Android R received the update notification to 0.23 yesterday. I applied it this morning and everything seems to be working properly. Thanks :heart:

The same /e/OS version can be based on different major Android versions, depending on what is available as a base on a device.

On the Fairphone 3/3+ currently you can have /e/OS based on Android 9 (Pie) or 10 (Q) or 11 (R, beta currently), depending on who installed/upgraded what and when.

For now 0.23 Pie on the Fairphone 3/3+ only seems to be delayed because of an issue. But Pie will not get updates forever, you will not get around an upgrade to Q or R sooner or later if you want to continue to get updates.

I don’t feel confident with doing a OS Upgrade p->q myself. That’s the reason that I bought my FP3 pre-installed with /e/. I will wait for the OS OTA Upgrade p->q->r.

As long as OS p is working, it’s not a problem for me.


I have the same interesstes.
I bought also a FP4 and wait for regulary updates. Now on 0.23.

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Hello @Manoj
On Samsung S5 ([klte] update done yesterday successfully from 0.22r to 0.23r.

Thx for your hard work and congrats to the team.

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Yep, I’ve just updated xz2c. Mail is looking good! :+1:

Have you update recently from 0.22? I have FP4 too but still no update available.

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Also confirming that Moto G7 Plus (lake) is now running e-0.23-r-20220405175826. Thanks /e/!

I noticed the lack of security patches for Android Pie here Is Pie end of life? I still use Pie on my FP3 (custom version of /e/) Looks I must go for R now, my first attempt to build it failed :see_no_evil:

As you’ve seen Android security bulletins don’t mention it anymore since February 2022 … and Wikipedia has seen it too (the table there got updated on March 8 because of the missing mentions in the security bulletins … uncontested, it seems).

Of course vendors can decide to backport patches and fixes to Pie by themselves, but that can’t be a long-term solution, I think, there surely have to be some limits or downsides.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (sm-g900i)

Fresh install of e-0.23-r-20220405175826-dev-kltedv
Device works beautifully. New email app and App Lounge are awesome.
So far no fault found.

Thanks to all concerned for your great work for my old flagship :+1:

Hi @eugene_072 Have you thought about using the Easy Installer? It would install Q but you would need to backup your data and manually restore everything :sweat_smile:. Almost nothing can go wrong, its just a bit time consuming…

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When I read the former writings, it seems that PIE becomes to end of life?
For now I am very happy with the stable v0.23 update for my FP3.
The update went without any issue. I will thank the e-team and I hope that there
will be an upgrade in the future.

hi Huib, we will try to continue building older versions of the OS as long as it is possible. The issue comes with supporting applications on older versions, besides additional builds need to be run and stored. Ideally, you should try to upgrade the OS at the earliest possible.


Any new information about FP4 and 0.23 stable version?

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